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The Beverly Hills Hotel Employees Now Have Their Own Twitter Feed

June 2, 2014 at 3:28 PM | by | ()

While the boycott of the Dorchester Collection Hotels is still in effect (kept alive by big names like Richard Branson, Jay Leno, Sharon Osbourne and several top fashion designers), employees of the hard-hit Beverly Hills Hotel have been instructed by a crisis PR team taken it upon themselves to create their own Twitter feed-- @WeAreTheBHH.

The profile pic on the account is a simple "Stand With Us" message while the header photo is a portrait of all the men and women who work at the hotel, from housekeepers to groundskeepers to chefs and clerks.

Recent tweets on the account have included a shout-out to Russell Crowe and Rose McGowan, who have stood up for the hotel's employees (McGowan actually hosted a "gay-in" party at the hotel); a retweet of HotelChatter's last article on the boycott; and a link to this interesting blog post from a server at the Beverly Hill Hote's legendary Polo Lounge.

The post recaps the situation with the Sultan of Brunei and his implementation of cruel Sharia law in his country, before going on to declare the boycott of Dorchester Hotels a "hypocrisy" since the Sultan doesn't make much money from the hotels, but rather from the oil his country produces and which we consume ("It comes from the oil we all use," she says, making us feel guilty.)

The server then barely contains her anger for the celebrities who used to frequent the hotel before suddenly turning on the hotel when the boycott began.

Many of the celebrities, agencies and studios that have forsaken us are those we have taken care of wholly and carefully for all the years I’ve been employed at The Beverly Hills Hotel, plus many more. They know our names; they see our faces almost daily. We have been their bodyguards, their confidantes and their personal assistants. They ask after my husband, my dog.

Some of the celebrities who struck out most venomously against us were some of those we saw most often. I wonder how, knowing us as they do, they have no problem making The Beverly Hills Hotel the face of their outrage? They, to my knowledge, have no problem with any of those companies listed above whose money is also stamped with the blood of Sharia Law, companies who (with the exception of Miramax) have no personal connection to them as we do.

Yikes. The server manages to dial back some of the rage by saying she, and other employees won't quit their jobs because they love what they do and the Dorchester Collection is compensating them for "unintended losses." She also said most of their celeb guests will be back when "it's safe." And that's good enough of her.

Clearly, something needs to be done about the morale (and pay) of the Dorchester Collection employees but constantly hitting back at the public for consuming other products from countries that have Sharia law doesn't seem like the right way to go. The server's blog post was supposed to elicit sympathy (which it did) but the rage bubbling under the surface also left us a little uneasy.

Maybe the hotels could host more "gay-ins" at their properties and bring the focus back on how the hotels truly are inclusive of all people and cultures? That way, the hotels could pay for the cocktails and guests can tip the employees directly. Besides, cocktails are more fun than seething blog posts, yes?

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Archived Comments:

oh please

The more I see of their crisis management tactics, the less I think of them. Trying to drag others down with them is not cool, and saying "we're not the only ones" is not an excuse.

To my mind, the boycott works brilliantly because it targets exactly the right thing: the Sultan owns DC. He doesn't own Apple, Twitter, Citigroup, Time Warner, or Valentino. He certainly doesn't own all the world's oil. And to muddy the waters by bringing in Qatar is not just stupid, it's also a little racist. For a start, not all Sharia law is equal. For another, while Qatar's anti-gay policy is horrible, I wouldn't equate 7 years in prison with being stoned to death.

God, I never thought I'd say this, but well done Hollywood. If studios really are refusing to allow expenses there, that's a brilliant way of showing disapproval. And the celebs who used to go all the time, know the staff's name and are now vociferously pro-boycott just earn more of my respect. Much harder to come out against something you love than somewhere you never go anyway. Good for them for seeing the bigger picture.

This whole campaign has left such an unpleasant taste in my mouth, I doubt I'll go back to the Pink Palace, even if the Sultan gives it away to GLAAD.

Threatening, almost

As I was reading it, I was worried the server would start outing celebrities and their secrets. It sounded like it was going that way. Meanwhile, the NY Post has reported that Sharon Osbourne and her assistants have been ordering take-out from the hotel's coffee shop. Sharon denied the accusation but I bet there are definitely other Hollywood folk doing the same thing.

Just because

Just because the Sultan is a homophobe and evil person in general does not mean that the all of thee hotel's employees are too. How can you group all those people into homophobes just because they work at a particular establishment? It's not like they can just up and leave their jobs, and for many, their careers, so I empathize with them because of this very stick situation.