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Here's One Thing We Liked About a Condo Rented as a Hotel Room

June 24, 2014 at 1:31 PM | by | ()

These days, every traveler has probably encountered condos masquerading as hotel rooms. You know what we mean. For instance, we recently checked into a "hotel" in Turks & Caicos, that was actually a collection of condos rented out as hotel rooms when the owner is not there.

What's great about these “rooms” is that they are typically “suites,” with a layout closer to an apartment than a traditional hotel room (or even a traditional hotel suite). Though some properties of this type don’t offer all the amenities and on-site services (i.e. restaurants) as a hotel designed specifically for short-term guests, it’s nice having the full kitchen, living room, and multiple bedrooms, especially when traveling with a family.

But of all the positives we can think of when it comes to “condo hotel rooms,” wouldn’t you know, it’s the simplest thing that stuck out to us? During our stay at the Ocean Club Resorts on Turks & Caicos, we had a realization: Most standard hotel room windows do not open fully, and some not at all.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to many during winter in NYC or summer in Arizona, but we prefer not to use air conditioning and enjoy the natural elements instead, sp being able to open up your windows and let in the outside atmosphere makes a huge difference. There’s also something about opening a window – or a balcony door – that makes the room feel bigger, extending it beyond the four walls, especially in destinations with nice climates.

Perhaps you’ve never thought about windows in hotel rooms. That’s cool, neither did we, until we realized how much we like it when they open.

[Photo: Ocean Club Resorts]

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