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Not Even Google Glass Can Spoil Vault Karakoy's Killer Istanbul View

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  Site Where: Bankalar Caddesi No. 5, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey, 34420
June 17, 2014 at 8:27 AM | by | ()

That view from the Penthouse

Focus on the positive. Focus on the positive. Focus on the positive. Ok… It’s great that a hotel is trying something new. We're all about hotel technology.

Time for the negative. By “trying something new” we mean posting a video of your hotel experience via Google Glass.

House Hotels, possibly our favorite chain in Istanbul, is pimping its newest property, Vault Karaköy, by way of this video. Not sure why they’ve picked on this one to endure the Glass treatment – possibly because Karaköy is Istanbul’s trendiest nabe – but for us, at least, it’s not conquering our Glass misgivings.

On the plus side, the hotel – which opened in March in an old bank facing the Galata Bridge – looks stunning, and the staff look suitably bashful in the face of Google Glass (0:18). So let’s focus on what’s to love: an old-style cage elevator (0:21), a whopping breakfast buffet (0:34), some lovely (original?) tiling (0:39) and a bathroom with a seriously OMG view (1:11).

Browsing the website, rooms look slightly more businesslike than the other quirky House Hotels, with neutral colors, parquet floors and high, original windows. It looks like the Executive Suites are the things to blow your money on, not because they’re suites, but because they can have spectacular views of the Bosphorus, the start of the Golden Horn and Sultanahmet (it’s a couple of blocks back from the water, so lower floors probably won’t have these views). The Penthouse Suite is the one featured in the video – its balcony and glass-walled bathroom looks straight across at Hagia Sophia. Surely this must be one of the best rooms in Istanbul?

Reviews on TripAdvisor are pretty stellar so far, so it’s all looking good for the Vault three months in. Now, if they’d only ditch the Glass and use the video on their smartphone like the rest of us…

Rates currently start at €156 ($212), or €258 ($350) for an Executive Suite. The Penthouse will set you back €804 ($1090). If you have that kind of money, we humbly suggest you spend it on a night here, rather than Google Glass ($1500).

[Photo: House Hotels Facebook page]

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