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Inhaling POT at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles

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Venturing to Koreatown might not be at the top of your "TO SEE" list when visiting Los Angeles but trying POT at The Line Hotel should be at the top of your "TO EAT" list.

POT is the cheekily-named restaurant from native chef, Roy Choi, the man responsible for the wildly successful Kogi Korean taco trucks. Here at The Line Hotel, he's doing Korean food "through the eyes of an American with Korean blood."

In short, it's not the most traditional Korean food you will find in Koreatown but it's crazy tasty and the entire experience of the POT restaurant--which has a vibe that is both laid-back and turnt up--is something you shouldn't miss.

At first glance, the restaurant feels a bit like an old-school cafeteria with simple tables and chairs and cook stations and display cases that line the back wall. There also aren't any windows which makes it feel very closed-off.

But once at your table, you'll find a burner on top to keep your pot warm and a hidden shelf which stashes your cups, plates, chopsticks and either a floral or a gingham print bib. And everyone knows, BIBS = WE BE EATIN' GOOD (Messy but good.) Now the fun begins.

The newspaper-style menu is a little tricky to navigate and that's probably because you will be distracted by the photo of the woman smoking a fat blunt or at the pervy little claymation-style hot dog. But here's what we ordered and it's a good start for your first time:

· The Shorty Pot, served with short ribs (we ordered the small size which is $35 and was more than enough for three people, especially since we nom'd the other stuff below)
· Kat Man Doo dumplings ($9
· Kimchi Fried Rice ($10)
· Potato Pancake ($11, the spicy chili dipping sauce is THE. BEST. EVER.)

Kimchi fried rice.

The Shorty pot.

The service at the restaurant is not the best but the waiters are very knowledgeable about the menu and the food--once you flag them down. We had to ask twice for regular water as the first round of water is the POT water, which is actually ice barley tea. The R&B music is loud, and thus, so is the conversation around you, but watching the hosts do a little Kid n' Play dance while we ate reminded us of what POT is really about--hanging and enjoying comfort food together.

POT is open from 11am to 11pm every day but gets extremely crowded on weekend nights and a wait of two hours is not unusual (POT doesn't take reservations.) You can wait it out in one of the crazy shaped booths at the futuristic lobby bar and lounge which serves also cheekily-named cocktails like the mezcal drink called, Naked and Famous. There are some bar snacks available, but save your stomach for POT.

After POT, if you still have the munchies, head over to the POT Cafe and pick up some insane pastries like a butterscotch marshmallow brownie or a guava cheesecake. Damn, now we've got the munchies for POT again.

[Photos: Juliana Shallcross/HotelChatter]

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