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Artist Who Did McDonald's World Cup French Fry Box Also Left His Mark at This Hotel

Where: Aldama 53, Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
June 13, 2014 at 10:16 AM | by | ()

If you caught the first World Cup game yesterday like we did, you may have noticed a strange advertisement on the board surrounding the pitch. The ad simply said #fryfutbol. No, not #tryfutbol. #fryfutbol. What.the.heck?

It turns out it's actually an ad for, who else?, McDonalds. The fast food chain has gotten in on the World Cup fever by redoing their french fry boxes with 12 different designs. This is the first time the boxes have ever been sold with a different design. And the Brazilian street artist who did the The World United By Soccer design, Eduardo Kobra, recently painted a mural for The Hotel Matilda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Kobra painted the hotel's exterior in a "blazing rainbow of colors" during the San Miguel Art Festival and it completely fits the contemporary design vibe of the Matilda. Sadly, the artwork will only remain up on the hotel until the end of the tournament. Here's hoping someone can convince the hotel to leave it up a little longer.

[Photo via Hotel Matilda]

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