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11 Things To Fall in Line With at The Line Hotel

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Los Angeles can be a tough city...when it comes to choosing a hotel. Most everyone who visits wants to "see Hollywood and go to the beach" without understanding that, with traffic, the beach and Hollywood can be an hour and a half apart.

The city has also suffered from a rather unoriginal hotel scene with fancy, schmancy luxury hotels populating Beverly Hills and big brand hotel names dominating everywhere else. But in recent years, that's begun to change.

Five years ago we got excited by the opening of the SLS which offered slightly bizarre room decor from Philippe Starck with the phenomenal Bazaar restaurant from Chef Jose Andres. Then came along Andaz West Hollywood which gave us stylish accommodations on the Sunset Strip without the pretense and without ghastly WiFi charges.

In February, we saw the opening of the Ace Hotel Downtown LA which gave us several reasons to visit downtown; the top two reasons being the rooftop bar and the incredible historic theater.

Now, The Line Hotel has opened in LA's Koreatown, giving visitors a chance to stay in a part of the city that's long been vibrant but often overlooked. We toured The Line Hotel a few weeks ago and fell instantly in love, er, in line with what we saw. Here are 11 things to check-out when you check-in:

T-shirts above the front desk. Not just any old t-shirts. T-shirts that have been dyed in shades of blue and layered to create a ruched banner on the ceiling. #awesome.

Funky lobby hangout. But also, there's plenty of room for you to sit and eat and work and drink and chill.

Brownies. But not just any brownies, but butterscotch marshmallow brownies from Che Roy Choi's lobby Cafe.

Donuts on the pillows. Ok, not real donuts but we appreciate the gesture.

A carefully curated sitting area. The rooms aren't spacious but they do make room for a cute little seating area with a sculptured coffee table and chairs upholstered with Mexican blankets. There's also embroidered poofs for folks to sit on as well. Hanging above are zoomed-in photographs taken around Los Angeles.

Minibar necessities. Because sometimes you just want Pringles and a Kit Kat bar.

Tech goodies on the desk. Aside from extra outlets (that pop up out of the silver square), the desks all have plug panels for your hook-up needs. We dig the detergent bottles as a decor touch. You can buy these from the Poketo store downstairs too.

Curtain controls by the bed. At last! A hotel that puts the control panel for the sheers and the curtains by the bed, where you need it the most and not on the wall.

Clever wallpaper. While most of the hotel rooms feature the original cement walls of the building, there were spaces where The Line wallpapered over sections of the wall...with photographed cement walls. The real wall is on the left. The wallpaper is on the right.

Linus bikes. The line has a pretty row out front of co-branded bikes from Venice, Calif-based Linus Bikes. (How apropos.) Bike rentals come with local bicycling route maps, along with custom Line Hotel bike bags on the back rack.

Pot. This is the first full-fledged restaurant from LA's own Roy Choi, who started the wildly successful Kogi Korean BBQ-Taco food trucks. Now at the cheekily named Pot restaurant, diners can experience "Koreatown and Korean food through the eyes of an American with Korean blood." Pot also does the in-room dining menu at The Line Hotel too. For more on Roy and his new resto, check out this Details magazine Q&A.

Interested in walking The Line? Rom rates start at $239 next weekend. The hotel's rooftop pool and restaurant should be opening within the next few months.

[Photo of Pot: The Line Hotel; All other photos by HotelChatter]

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