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Revere Hotel's Rooftop Lounge Debuts 'Classy Jell-O Shots' (And We Secretly Want One)

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  Site Where: 200 Stuart St. [map], Boston, MA, United States, 02116
May 5, 2014 at 5:42 PM | by | ()

Boston are you ready for this jelly?

Jell-O shots: they’re not just for parties in your parents’ basement anymore!

On Saturday, May 17, the swanky lounge Rooftop @ Revere will reopen for the season, inviting hotel guests and local glitterati (read: drunk girls in strappy heels) to sip, sun, and swim on a spacious and sunny terrace with skyline views on the seventh floor of the trendy Revere Hotel Boston Common.

If you've had a chance to draw yourself some tan lines during last year’s inaugural season, you know some of what to expect: shady white cabanas offering a hint of Miami gloss; oversized, fantastical statues that bring a hint of the local art scene; and cute staffers serving light bites and pouring drinks while outfitted in Pret-a-Surf, a fashion-forward surf and swimwear line co-designed by the entertainment editor of Vogue and famed photographer Annie Leibovitz’s studio manager. (In other words, they’re totally photo-ready for #selfies.)

But this year, there’s a somewhat hilarious addition to the cocktail list: “Classy Jell-O Shots.” (Because you know something is bound to be classy when it announces itself as such.) These are not the toxic sludge annihilators of good judgment and sexual morality that you remember from freshman year. (Sorry. Fun times, though, right?)

They’re actually tasty, refreshing concoctions in a trio of flavors: Champagne sangria, spiked violet daiquiri, and watermelon basil vojito - which is just like a mojito, except it's made with vodka and requires an explanation. They're also served in adorable mini martini glasses that we are definitely not going to steal.

So they’re classy, everybody, and you can feel like a refined gentleman or gentlewoman as you dole out $6 per pop, lift your pinky and slug back a few rounds, then doff your duds for a healthy shag back in the hotel room - or in the back of a cab on your way home. (Right-o, chap! And lady-chap!) Jell-O shots have grown up, but not everything has changed since freshman year.

[Photo: Revere Hotel Boston Common]

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