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Richard Branson Makes Public Stand Against The Dorchester Collection

May 5, 2014 at 10:17 AM | by | ()

Another day, another big name is boycotting the Dorchester Collection Hotels because of the new laws imposed by their owners in Brunei.

Sir Richard Branson tweeted this over the weekend:

That's a very strong statement from a luxury jet-setter like Branson who probably visits Dorchester hotels across Europe and in Beverly Hills on the regular. And we're glad he's done it. Expect more big names to follow Branson's lead.

Meanwhile, the city of Beverly Hills is actually working on a resolution condemning the government of Brunei and forcing them to "divest itself of the Beverly Hills Hotel." The council will meet tomorrow evening to officially vote on the resolution.

Given that the Dorchester Collection hoped to have 15 hotels in its portfolio by next year (they currently have 10), we can only wonder how this boycott will affect their expansion plans.

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Archived Comments:

Beverly Hills

Good!  Not usually a fan of government-forced divestitures, but this one seems well-founded.  People should vote with their wallets and avoid putting money in these awful people's hands.  I know the employees will get the short end of the stick, but these bozos have to get the message the only way they know how - money talks.


I feel bad for the employees, a bit.  But working for this monster is no different from working for a dictator anywhere. There are things that can be 'overlooked' as freedom of speech, and this doesn't fall into that category. Run the son of a gun out of town.


Good for Branson, good for Stephen Fry. Hope this gains momentum.