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Ritz-Carlton South Beach Will Make Your Spa Time Last Forever (or Until the Candle Runs Out)

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  Site Where: 1 Lincoln Road [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139
June 9, 2014 at 2:32 PM | by | ()

It's been scientifically proven that your sense of smell can trigger old memories which is why for us, the smell of Aussie Sprunch Spray will forever take us back to a sweltering New Jersey summer in the early 90s when we religiously relied on the spray to keep our 'do intact. Seriously, one spray will have practically have us turning up Wilson Phillips on the stereo while we search for our crispest Vuarnet t-shirt and our rolled up jean shorts.

But this powerful link between smell and memory is also why hotels love pumping their own special scents into their hotels and subsequently, packaging that smell for you to buy. After all, what better way to remember your hotel stay by taking home the smell of it?

Now, while most hotels offer a candle made with their special lobby scent, the Ritz-Carlton South Beach is taking a different tact by making a Mango Guava scented candle that specifically reminds you of the hotel spa's new Taste of the Tropics treatment. Of course, you have to book the treatment to get the candle.

The Taste of the Tropics experience costs $145 and is a 50-minute "sensory scrub and massage" that aims to get your body beach-ready. You'll undergo a full-body exfoliation with fresh mango and guava, both of which are rich in anti-oxidants that help the skin's elasticity and regeneration.

Once you've been polished and massaged to perfection, you'll leave the treatment room with your souvenir Mango Guava scented candle. Later on, when you're stressed out, you can burn the candle and pretend you're back in the spa all over again. You'll have to find someone to do the massage part for you though.

[Photo: Ritz-Carlton South Beach]

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