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Beware of the WiFi Charge for Extra Devices (Even at a Hotel With Free WiFi)

May 6, 2014 at 11:44 AM | by | ()

In our Annual WiFi Report the other week we called out 10 hotel brands that still have the nerve to charge for WiFi in 2014. We also gave big-ups to the hotel brands and individual hotels who've made free and working WiFi a priority for their guests.

One such brand was Fairfield Inn and Suites, which are a part of Marriott International's select service brands.

Yet what a hotel brand aims to give their guests doesn't always get executed in real life, especially amongst such a heavily franchised brand like Fairfield. About a week after we praised Marriott, we received an email from a guest while staying at a Fairfield Inn. According to her, the hotel had free WiFi but they also had a limit of one device per guest. To hook up an extra device to the WiFi would cost another $3.95 a day.

We've heard of device limits at hotels before, but usually for more than two. So you can usually hook up your laptop and your phone, but then your tablet would be an extra charge. However, this guest claims that all Fairfield Inns are going to start implementing the extra device charge after one device. She writes:

The reason I am emailing you is that this extra fee is nowhere to be found on the Internet, from the Marriott reservation center (contacted this morning around 1:30), the 1-800-Marriott number or at the other 5 Marriott's in Nebraska and one in Iowa.

I contacted the franchise owner and somehow he answered the phone at 2:30 this morning. He stated that this was going to happen all over, it just started at this hotel. He has been trying to tell Marriott this is not a good thing but they are not listening.

We asked Fairfield's Twitter account if there were device limits and here's what they told us.

So while device limits probably aren't a brand standard, they could be in place at some hotels. Grrr.

If you see a device limit, either at a Fairfield Inn or another hotel with free WiFi, Let us know!

[Photo: Fairfield Inn and Suites/Facebook]

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