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What Do You Think About This Berlin Hotel's Housekeeping Policy?

Where: Berlin, Germany
May 20, 2014 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

Although the property itself doesn't go much beyond your standard city accommodations despite its name, Berlin's Lux 11 Hotel in Mitte had a reverse housekeeping policy that perked our interest, one that had us wondering if it might be an industry solution to payroll and environmental concerns: Instead of regular daily housekeeping that comes unless you ask them not to, room cleaning only takes place if you ask for it.

The hotel spells out this policy on the back of the door as well as upon check-in, letting guests know that if they want housekeeping service, they have to hang a tag on the door prior to noon. In its note, Lux 11 explains that its method prevents against the problem of being annoyed by maids in the morning.

It's definitely true that it's a solution to being woken up too early, but it also raises questions of sustainability and personnel as well. We know that hotels typically don't wash sheets and towels unless the guest asks for it, which is still the case here. But, you have to figure there's a high probability that the hotel ends up cleaning less rooms, meaning less cleaning products and less labor on a whole.

We're curious as to what you think of this approach. Does having to ask for room service seem like an inconvenience? Or does it seem like a reasonable approach in today's hotel climate?

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Archived Comments:

I like this!

It is actually also practiced in Atlantic City, where I am regularly. The Revel has electronic door lights (not paper things hanging down from the door knob), and you can choose white (neutral), red (do not disturb) or green (housekeeping please come).

I really like this, because it happened to me several times in the Borgata (also Atlantic City) that a maid walked in at 8.30 am while I was still in bed. She had knocked before, and when I didn't open the door, she just walked in.

This is not good behaviour. I don't need new sheets everyday when I stay for 4 nights or so. All I want is new toiletries, new toilet paper, and that the garbage is being taken away. And I want them to do that when I say, like when I go to have breakfast. I don't want to go around THEIR schedule.

So yes, this is definitely a good thing. Only come when I need you, and please not before I got up.

I like this too

I usually only stay in hotels 1 or 2 nights so I don't need housekeeping at all. Unless I feel like spoiling myself with a turndown service. But it is a pain to have to remember to put on the DND sign to keep housekeeping out. So I like this idea of only having housekeeping if you request it.