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7 Cool New Things We've Seen at Hotels This Year (So Far)

May 20, 2014 at 1:14 PM | by | ()

We're pretty jaded folk here at HotelChatter. There's not much that we haven't seen already when it comes to amenities and services. But lately, hotels have been killing it, rolling out novel or useful or just plain fun goodies that hotel guests of all tax brackets can enjoy. Naturally, we thought it was worth a round-up. Now presenting...

7 Cool New Things We've Seen at Hotels This Year (So Far)

1. A Light in the Toilet Bowl

We called this the "manliest bathroom amenity ever" when we spotted it at The Landing Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, because it ensures that men will always have the correct aim in the middle of the night.

2. Drone Room Service

High-paying guests at The Casa Madrona in Sausalito, Calif. can (and should) have their pricey picks of champagne delivered by state of the art, remote-controlled, octo-copter drones from the hotel's wine cellar to an outdoor deck of the hotel's exclusive Mansion suite.

3. USB Ports in The Room Telephone

We've seen USB ports near the bed or on the nightstand but never have we've seen them IN THE PHONE until we took a tour of the Delano Las Vegas, opening in September. Now you don't have to get out of bed to drunk sext check your email.

4. Portable Nail Dryer

High-technology is nothing new at Peninsula Hotels but the recently renovated rooms at the Peninsula Hong Kong have really outdone themselves, especially with this portable nail dryer. It's stored in the desk drawer in case you need it during your stay.

5. A Hot Water Bag in The Bed

True, this hot water bag is a necessity in the safari camps of Kenya where we spotted it but we also think it could work at ski resorts and heck, city hotels during really cold winters.

6. Weddings on a Hotel Helipad in Dubai

Nothing is understated at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai (home of the gold-plated iPads) but even we had to gasp at their new wedding venue--the hotel helipad--212 meters above the Arabian Gulf. The cost is about $55,000 but it includes all aspects of a traditional wedding, including a customized wedding scent. Um....

7. Plunge Pool Turndown

Turndown service, it's not just for hotel beds! At The Viceroy Riviera Maya, you can opt for your private plunge pool to get a romantic turndown service that involves aromatherapy, candles, music, food, and drink. It's an extra $90 but it's romance delivered right to your room.

[Photos: HotelChatter; Casa Madrona; HotelChatter; Burj Al Arab and the Viceroy Riviera Maya]

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