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Hotel Majestic Barrière in Cannes is Far From Majestic These Days

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May 14, 2014 at 1:49 PM | by | ()

It's time for another Hotel Rant! Today, a reader tells us about a horribly disappointing stay in Cannes. More like can't. Har har. Got a hotel rant you want to share? Let us know!

Today all eyes are on the opening of the 67th edition of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera. And where better to stay than right across the road at the five-star Cannes Majestic Barrière Hotel whose rooms have an unobstructed view of the red carpeted stairs so many have dreamed of ascending?

That’s what we thought too, until we actually stayed at the hotel and witnessed how its low standards are making an utter mockery of the luxury hotel industry.

One of the last family-run luxury hotel groups in France, the Lucien Barrière group has 37 casinos, 14 hotels, and close to 130 restaurants and bars across France and abroad. The Art Deco Majestic Barrière in Cannes sits in the enviable seafront spot on the Croisette, steps away from the Palais des Festivals (aka the main hub for the Cannes Film Festival) and has been welcoming the stars ever since it opened in 1926.

However, things have changed somewhat since then. The hotel may have been the place to stay in its heyday, but this century it is simply resting on its laurels, albeit quite badly beaten laurels.

By low standards we don’t mean the hotel’s iconic gaudy and brash lobby or the mucky windows of the Fouquet’s restaurant that looks out to the pool, nor the horribly garish hotel bar or even the shamefully revolting buffet breakfast on offer. No, we’re talking about a key part of the hotel: its rooms.

Drab and in dire need of a full renovation, the luxury hotel’s rooms are worse than those we have seen at any three-star hotel in our long history of travel and are very far from being “contemporary” and “elegant” as reads the hotel website. And priced at an exorbitant minimum of 244 euro per night (outside of Cannes Festival dates), the hotel is just calling out for a bilious telling-off. Here are some of our holiday snaps of our very disappointing stay the Cannes Majestic Barrière in a Superior Room.

Stained wallpaper that looks like someone’s decided to flick a cartridge pen of brown ink at the walls.

The carpets aren’t quite flush and look like they haven’t been changed for at least a decade.

Even a novice electrician could have done a better job here. The plug sockets and light switches were all crooked, precariously fixed resulting in none being at a right angle.

Following in the awry style of the room, the headboard was also slanted and was shamefully torn to shreds in places.

The telephone, covered in a conspicuous crust, didn’t look like it had been cleaned for several years. And the furniture was badly marked.

The bathroom door (which liked to open sporadically) looked like someone had tried to break in (or out) of the room.

The balcony was literally rotting and covered in bird excrement – not forgetting a previous guest’s cigarette butt to top it off. A shame really, considering the lovely sea view.

Apparently, the hotel does have a few refurbished rooms on hand so if you're still keen on staying here for the location, request a refurbished room. Or else, the Bookmark Fairy at the nearby InterContinental will welcome you with open arms.

Archived Comments:


Dear Mr/Mrs  «RDH»,

It was with a real surprise and a certain degree of indignation that we read your article published on the website « HotelChatter » titled « Hotel Majestic Barrière in Cannes is far from Majestic These Days »

Since the opening of the Majestic Barriere, the entire team of the hotel has always been working with passion to offer the highest level of service our guests are entitled to. We sincerely regret that the room you occupied did not reflect the quality of product we are better known for. Be kindly informed that this particular room was subject to several renovations and I can only regret that the pictures you have published absolutely do not reflect the 349 rooms and suites we own.  Moreover, and if I may, the picture are taken close-up and are not representatives of the atmosphere of the rooms.

We are also very surprised by the remarks at the end of your article which simply indicates that guests staying in Cannes should be staying at one of our competitor's « InterContinental Hotel ». This kind of comment simply demonstrates an un-objective opinion. Moreover, after reading the article about the InterContinental Carlton Hotel published on your website.  But with that I can only leave it to your readers' own interpretation.

Be kindly assured that our only goal is our guest's comfort and satisfaction. In the last 4 years, major renovations and enhancements took place in our Hotel wich is an avidance of our good-will,(as of an additional wing with 44 new guests rooms and suites were created and designed in a personal manner, a new high quality restaurant took place "La Petite Maison de Nicole", a world-renowed Spa "My Blind By Clarins" and a brand new Beach in partnership with a world-renowned Parisian restaurant "The Kinugawa" .

To provide to your readers more impartial opinions, we invite them  to visit the TripAdvisor's rank of Cannes' 5 stars Hotels: <a href="http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g187221-d219368-Reviews-Majestic_Barriere_Cannes-Cannes_French_Riviera_Cote_d_Azur_Provence.html">http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g187221-d219368-Reviews-Majestic_Barriere_Cannes-Cannes_Fr ench_Riviera_Cote_d_Azur_Provence.html</a>

We will be very interested to discuss with you about your article, we remain at your entire disposal for a call conference at your convenience.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

The management

The camera never lies

To the management,

I'm relieved to hear that you have renovated this room since the article was published. I have reviewed over 300 luxury hotels worldwide, which I think gives me pretty good ground for my criticism - although I don't think you need to have seen this many hotels to see that there is something very wrong with this room. The fact that this room was being sold to unsuspecting guests in that state is absolutely outrageous in the first place - whether your other 348 rooms were magnificent or not and whether the pictures represent the atmosphere of the room (which was old-fashioned and drab) or not.

A room in need of this many renovations should not be sold. This can ruin someone's holiday entirely so I am happy that it has been renovated.

As for the rest of the hotel, I loved the food at La Petite Maison de Nicole and at Fouquet's (although again, here the large bay windows needed a good clean to get rid of finger marks and bird poo) and I loved the Clarins spa. The problem was the standard of the rooms or this room in paricular which denotes a particular resting on one's laurels. As you know, luxury never sleeps.

All the best