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Wilderness Safaris in Namibia Has a Lodge for Every Kind of Traveler

Where: Namibia
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Nowhere in Africa is the landscape more diverse than it is in Namibia. But diversity is also found in the accommodations of the area and Wilderness Safaris has many camps across the country which cater to all all types of travelers. Here are a few that might fit your needs:

If you're an adventure traveler, then try Kulala Desert Lodge
Kulala's thatched African villas provide close proximity to the red dunes of Sossussvlei. A early rise is required to hit the dunes before the sun does, to capture the best light and keep cool for the arduous hike up the world's largest sand dune. Running down them feels like a mad mix of skiing, walking on the moon and rolling through a wall of cotton.

If you're a Hemingway traveler, then try Desert Rhino Camp
This is the place to really dial it down. The main event here is tracking endangered black rhinos on foot. Their old school non-invasive approach had but a bush between our rhino and our group. Bill Gates' buddy and previous partner, Paul Allen, is a regular at the camp as he too loves the African culture. Plan on dancing after dinner.

If you're an animal-loving traveler, then try Ongava Lodge in Etosha
Namibia delivers on wild game sightings but things get really wild in Etosha. The watering holes at the National Park provide full blown bush theatrics. Best to pack a cooler and make a day or night of it. Or simply stay at the lodge where the game takes center stage under a light while you dine on deck. That primal, raw sound you hear outside your villa at night is actually lions getting their groove on.

If you're a sensual traveler, then try Damaraland
Damaraland is a sensual experience. The local crew is genuine and joyful and the dance before dinner brought us to tears. The surprise sunrise breakfast on a mountain top was well worth the wake up. Game watches are subtle, yet no less epic with close encounters of leopards and herds of desert adapted elephants, which are smaller than other elephants. Expect dining under the stars, chic sleeps in adobe styled huts and silence punctuated with crackling campfires.

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