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Google Checks Into Room 77; Will License Booking Site's Software

April 9, 2014 at 11:26 AM | by | ()

Nearly three years after it launched, hotel booking site Room 77 has achieved a major milestone, and at the same time, has pretty much closed up shop by scoring a licensing deal with Google.

The all-powerful search engine is now using Room 77's extensive hotel database which includes details on specific rooms at hotels, including the size, the layout and even the amenities inside. The goal here is obviously for Google to snap up a larger share of the $450 billion that people around the world spend on travel & tourism in a single year (last year to be exact, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.)

But according to Skift, this means that Room 77 has somewhat given up trying to be a player in the metasearch realm, with several of its engineers transferring over to Google to work on the licensing deal.

Apparently, the competition from well-established brands like Kayak, Expedia and Booking.com was just too tough. (interesting to note, Expedia invested in about 30 percent of Room 77.)

Room 77 CEO Drew Patterson told Skift that the licensing deal wasn't exclusive so there could be similar opportunities for Room 77 to explore. Meanwhile, the company will continue to focus on their mobile check-in feature, CheckMate.

Today, we don't see much different in Google's search results for a hotel near us. But we're sure that will change as the Room 77 database starts to get integrated.

[Screengrab: Room77.com]

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