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What Would a Merged Fairmont and Four Seasons Look Like?

April 8, 2014 at 5:43 PM | by | ()

It's taken us about a week but we're slowly getting used to the idea of Four Seasons Hotels merging with Fairmont Hotels (and Raffles and Swissotels.)

Given that both companies share a common investor--Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal--a merger isn't that surprising. Indeed, whispers on the inside of one of the tony hotel brands is that the merger is likely, although still nothing's been confirmed.

But when it does happen, we're extremely curious about how it will happen. Our source says the two companies will operate separately but does that ever really go as planned in a merger?

And what about the guest experience? We're guessing that stays separate too since Fairmont and Four Seasons have some wildly different properties (and not so wildly different ones.) But will Four Seasons guests have access to the Fairmont loyalty program and vice versa? (FS doesn't have a loyalty program per se but they do have an "By Invitation" program that gives regular, loyal guests some perks.)

So many questions and so little answers. If you've heard some "chatter" on this possible luxury union,let us know!

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I wonder what they will do with properties that overlap- like will they need two in NYC, etc.

Probably just a rumor

As an employee of one one of the companies I heard this rumor 5 years ago and still nothing... Not even internal gossip only outsiders.

Really 3

Don't forget the Battery Park, Silverstein FS development underway.

Really 3

Don't forget the Battery Park, Silverstein FS development underway.


I have stayed at both the FS and the Fairmont in Boston and feel that the Fairmont is actually the better hotel.  FS has prospered in cities in which it has modern or newly renovated properties (namely Chicago, SF, Denver, Toronto) but some of its older properties such as Vancouver, midtown Manhattan, Boston and Philly (the latter is being replaced by a new hotel in 2017-18) are really old and unappealing.  

The old FS model is an anachronism.  Fairmont's is the better model for (hopefully stylish) middle aged business travelers like me.