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Ellen DeGeneres No Longer Loves The Pink Palace (and Other Dorchester Hotels)

April 30, 2014 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

We don't want to quit you!

It looks like The Dorchester Collection has a very serious problem on their hands.

Last week, when the fashion world told people to boycott the hotel group because of their association with the government of Brunei, which will now stone people to death for being homosexual, Ellen DeGeneres also publicly tweeted that she too, will be boycotting both the Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel.

We've actually seen Ellen at the Beverly Hills Hotel, aka The Pink Palace, where her and wife Portia dined downstairs in the Fountain Coffee Shop, a popular spot for not just celebs but locals too. The hotel collection is clearly caught between a rock and hard place (no pun intended) as they continue to be open to all guests and have indeed said as much in a public statement last week:

Dorchester Collection’s Code, endorsed by the company’s ownership, emphasizes equality, respect and integrity in all areas of our operation, and strongly values people and cultural diversity amongst our guests and employees.”

Yet it doesn't sound like there's much more they can do without biting the hand that feeds them. It's sad because we pretty much love all the Dorchester Collection Hotels. At least to visit for lunch or drinks as we couldn't regularly afford the pricey hotel rooms anyways. So our problem is solved. But rich people with a conscious may have to wait a while.

What do you think--should guests boycott a hotel based on what the hotel owner says or does (see also: Donald Sterling or should guests put that aside and enjoy the hotel experience for what it is? Sound off in comments below!

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Boycott is Appropriate

One might vacillate a bit if the question were simply, is this guy a homophobe, or is he a racist.  For myself, professional appearance is enough that I wouldn't frequent a business of any sort where the owner had made a spectacle of displaying an ugly attitude towards any group. However, this is a free country and I wouldn't judge anyone too harshly who ate at Chick Fil A for example.  (I might judge them more based on animal rights issues with that business, but that is a whole different story.)  But in this case, an all out boycott is very appropriate for everyone. This isn't a case of someone being a homophobe, but the Sultan of Brunei actually putting in place laws to murder not only gay people, but others by means of stoning.  It it inhuman, it is barbaric, and to even put the cost of a cup of coffee into his pocket is immoral.  Any profit he makes directly supports murder and gross civil injustice.  

Agree with the post above

I stayed at the Hotel Eden in Rome last year before the Sultan bought it, but as great as that hotel is, I would not stay there again so long as this barbaric regime owns it (and the other properties).  Shame on them.  


Right. Thanks @TravelLA for bringing it back to focus. The owner of this hotel group is sentencing people to death for being gay. That's not ok. To say the least.


Simply put. Floored honestly. A definite boycott is needed.