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Donald Sterling, The Clippers' Controversial Owner, Also Owns This Hotel

Where: 10300 Wilshire Blvd [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90024
April 28, 2014 at 11:36 AM | by | ()

Over the weekend, TMZ and Deadspin published recordings of Los Angeles Clippers' owner, Donald Sterling, making racist remarks to his younger girlfriend, including telling her not to pose on Instagram with black men or bring them to his games. #theworstever

While the NBA as a corporation figures out how they are going to penalize Sterling, NBA players and fans have been vocal about kicking Sterling out of the NBA for good. There was talk of boycotting the Clippers' games, but as the team is in the midst of a playoff series with the Golden State Warriors, boycotting the games would be like abandoning the players when they need the support the most. (The Clippers staged their own sort of protest yesterday by inside-outing their warm-up shirts so that the Clippers logo wouldn't show.)

But now what's coming out about Sterling is that his racism isn't a new thing. And the previous racist remarks he's made are heinous.

The LA Times points out two race-related lawsuits against Sterling, who owns several apartment buildings in LA. In one lawsuit, he was accused of saying “black tenants smell and attract vermin.” He also made derogatory remarks about Latinos saying he didn't like to rent to them because "Hispanics smoke, drink and just hang around the building.”

Today, we realized that Sterling also owns a hotel on the edge of Beverly Hills called The Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel. (Actually, it's about a half a mile from where Bev Hills proper begins.) The hotel (which bears Sterling's signature gold lettering at the entrance) looks to have updated amenities as far as technology is concerned (flat-screen TVs) but the room decor looks straight out of 1994. It's clear Sterling has not invested money into this property in quite some time.

The TripAdvisor reviews are fairly positive but we did find one review that says the hotel charges $10 for WiFi...per device Of course, Sterling would charge for WiFi. We wonder what excuse he would give about it too.

Needless to say, if this hotel's so-so decor and WiFi charges aren't enough to deter you from booking a night here, we hope the fact that it's owned by Donald Sterling will.

[Photo: Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel]

Archived Comments:

What about the Staff?

I agree with your intent but the NBA players make millions. The hotel staffers do not and should not suffer while others assume they are making some kind point.  Giving up your game tickets, protesting his ownership is one thing but why look to hurt the working people, he no doubts dislikes, in a the same fashion he does - by discounting their very existence.

He owns dozens of apartment buildings in LA

His rental buildings (distinguishable by their complete lack of architectural appeal but are in great locations and charge big rents) are all over LA, from the Sunset Strip to Marina del Rey.  He takes out full-page ads in the NYT, WSJ and other major papers all the time.  He was sued for rental discrimination several years ago.  He is by almost all accounts a reprehensible person.  Time for him to pay the piper, it seems!

Don't Support This Man or Any of His Brands!

Great to know that Virgin America, Red Bull, State Farm, and CarMax have cancelled their sponsorship of the Clippers. I just hate the players have to be associated with this clown. They don't deserve this.

On the hotel aspect, I don't think the employees should boycott, because they aren't millionaires. They have families and themselves to think about. They should keep working for this asinine human being, whom they probably don't have any contact with anyway, as long as they continue to receive a paycheck.