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Would You Stay At a Hotel That Looked Like This?

April 29, 2014 at 2:04 PM | by | ()

Wow, where shall we begin? What we are looking at is not a confirmed hotel project, but the way things are going, it could be. This design, created by Hong Kong based architectural and interior design firm of Ova Studio was one of the professional entries in the 8th annual Radical Innovation Awards competition.

This proposed hotel design did not make it to the finals of the competition, but it is radical even to us, and we like to think we've seen it all. We're sharing it with you because it is so off the wall -- literally.

The winners of the competition will be announced live next month at the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas, which we will excitedly cover with eyes wide open.

Ova Studio’s Hive-Inn revolves around the concept of movable shipping containers that each serve as an individual guest room. OK, stay with us. Each container would be designed for — and largely paid for — by a big brand name as a unique form of advertising. Ya think?

These are recycled, real shipping containers, renovated and fitted out off-site, and lifted by crane into a supporting structural grid. The center section of the building would have the permanent shared spaces such as lobby, restaurants, elevators, and retail. Branded containers could literally come and go to other similar “hives” in cities around the world. This gives new meaning to the "check-in" and "check-out" process, and would make crane operators around the world very happy (not so much local building inspectors.)

Yeah, it’s a stretch, but what a way to sell a product. To illustrate what a branded guest room might look like, two sample rooms are shown below, the Ferrari room, and the Alexander McQueen room. It’s a little vague in the renderings--and trust us, we were looking -- but the bathroom appears within the container, likely on the interior end. We have to presume that the windows are on the opposite end, where else would they go?

There's no way to know if we will ever see something like the "moveable hotel room" any time soon, but we have to say it’s an intriguing concept. First dibbs on the Virgin Galactic room.

The only place on earth you would ever see these brands so intimately close together

The Ferrari rooms looks pretty cool, perhaps a protoype for the upcoming Ferrari Hotel?

We can't really figure out the layout of this room, but as long as it has Alexander McQueen's name on it, we'll take it!

[Renderings: Ova Studio]

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