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One Really Good Reason Hotels Should Not Charge for WiFi

April 25, 2014 at 4:20 PM | by | ()

To all the hotels out there that still insist on charging for WiFi, consider this comment we just received:

Earlier this month I stayed at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley which provides WiFi in the room for $12.99 a day!

When I questioned this they told me that I had the option of using the free WiFi in the Lobby, which didn't help me when I needed to check my email while still in pajamas at 6:00AM.

Other than the WiFi situation the hotel was great, but it's the only reason I need to ensure I never book this hotel again.

It's a shame that they will lose my future business over a ridiculous WiFi fee, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

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Archived Comments:


It should definitely be included.... but I see a day soon when no hotels will offer wi-fi, alarm clocks, or maybe even telephones in guest rooms.  There's just no need.... we're finding more and more guests are just continuing to use their 4G connection through their laptop or phone, even though we offer every guest 100mb/sec for free... or are even not bringing laptops anymore... they're definitely not using in-room phones, even though we offer free international calls.  They're not using their alarm clocks or wake-up calls, as they trust their phones more.  There's a lot coming down the line, and I think that with people carrying their technology with them, you're going to see less technology in the room and more technology on the person.  For example, I could see all TVs having Google Chromecast, so that you could go ahead and just stream your own content to your own in-room TV instead of the hotel having to offer local and cable TV channels.  Changes are a comin'!