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Boston's Seaport Hotel Now Rolls Out New Look

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  Site Where: 1 Seaport Lane [map], Boston, MA, United States, 02210
April 29, 2014 at 7:12 PM | by | ()

An improved Seaport needs a prettier Seaport Hotel. Here it is.

Last week, we gave props to the virtues of the Seaport Hotel in Boston for their no tipping policy. Now we're giving them a (virtual) high-five for their new look, coming online soon.

The Seaport District sure has come a long way since the four-diamond Seaport Hotel opened as the neighborhood’s first hotel in 1998. Back then, the area was sort of a no-man’s-land: just tumbleweeds, grizzled fisher-folk unloading their traps of lobsters, and on occasion, lanyard-wearing convention attendees meandering through empty streets, like zombies in a post-apocalyptic science-fiction movie. (Okay, we’re being dramatic. But seriously, there was really nothing much to see.)

But now the Seaport is hot, filled with restaurants, bars, restaurants, and option for arts- and culture-based outings. (Did we mention restaurants?) To keep up, the Seaport Hotel has just completed a major modernizing renovation of its 428 guest rooms and newly expanded TAMO Restaurant & Bar. Above is what the new guest rooms look like.

Pretty! (Also, look how perfectly that flag is positioned. Photoshop magic, anyone?)

Functional too. Besides the contemporary décor, the new rooms boast 46-inch LED TVs, redesigned bathrooms with walk-in showers (in many rooms) and fog-free mirrors; suites all have walk-in rain showers, heated floors (hurray!), and TVs built right into the bathroom mirrors, because you’re a baller who can’t miss one second of a “Real Housewives” reunion while you’re getting ready, okay?

The renovations also expand on the Seaport Hotel’s eco-friendly initiatives: Rooms now have a “Telkonet” energy system, which automatically turns off heating and lights to conserve energy when you leave, and instinctively restores them to their previous setting when you return. Telkonet already sounds a lot smarter than Siri, frankly.

And of course, because the Seaport is now a big dining-out district, the hotel’s TAMO Restaurant & Bar is upping its game.

It’s now expanded and divided into four areas: the main “Living Room,” bar area, TAMO Loft for private parties, and TAMO Terrace for outdoor drinking and dining. (There are also all-new furnishings and fireplaces, seen above.)

Finally, the refreshed menu of contemporary American cuisine is way more playful than you remember. There are quirky snacks: the “pie in a jar” of beef, Guinness and horseradish, and the “Dirty Martini,” a plate of blue cheese-stuffed fried olives. There are Asian-inspired “wok & bowl” selections.

There are plates themed for different nearby regions, like the “East Boston churrasco steak” and “Cambridge 3 Bean Vegetarian Chili,” because they’re all a bunch of no-meat-eatin’ hippies over there, amirite? There’s way more stuff too, and it all sounds pretty good.

The Seaport: It’s not just for convention zombies anymore. [Photos: Seaport Hotel]

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