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Are You Basic...When It Comes To Hotel WiFi?

April 28, 2014 at 5:11 PM | by | ()

Is this chick a basic (internet) bitch?

The worst thing to be, at least according to the Internet, is a basic bitch. You can find out if you're basic or not here.

But if you're staying in a hotel, it's good to be basic. By that we mean, you only use the internet for basic tasks like checking your email, updating your Facebook status, and reading your favorite websites. If you aren't basic, then you're probably going to have to cough up a few dollars to get some high-speed, high-quality internet so you can download you're favorite TV show or movie.

But if you don't mind that Buzzfeed or the Daily Mail takes a minute to load, then go on with your basic self!

Are you a basic internet user? Or do you often pay to get the higher bandwidth option? Tell us what kind of internet user you are in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Admittedly basic

I've yet to upgrade the bandwidth when staying at a hotel. I do remember however, the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam had such amazing WiFi that I was able to download the entire first season of The Office on iTunes. This was back in 2006 too. I still love the hotel, which was pretty quirky, just because of this.  

Basic instinct

The 'survey says' I am anything but basic (I seriously tipped the scale) but when it comes to hotel internet, I am basic...for now. I typically experience timely, uninterrupted access, wired and wireless, to the internet from a variety of hotels in a variety of locations. It works fine. I look at it this way -- technology will deliver yet another, even faster way to get on line, rendering existing high-speed systems obsolete. When that happens, what is now an upgrade will become the new "basic." I can wait... for now.

Totally basic!

I check emails, Facebook, upload my travel snaps and Tweet how amazing my destination is. On occasion, I will try to Skype, but get annoyed with it cutting out. I'm not sure I would pay for more bandwidth on a leisure vacation, and would consider it on a business trip.

Same here

So far I have not forked over money for faster internet where a basic option is included - emails and the like I don't need anything more for. I have streamed the odd Netflix episode, again without upgrading the internet. A business trip where you have to rely on a Skype call working is when I can see it maybe being worthwhile, but other than that, no thank you.