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Dean & Deluca Has Already Moved into the Bangkok Edition

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  Site Where: Chong Nonsi, Bangkok, Thailand
April 21, 2014 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

If that headline implies hope of an opening date for The Bangkok Edition itself being around the corner, we’re going to ruin it for you straight away: looking at the state of construction at the Mahanakhon Tower – see below for further photos – we’ll say it will be at the very least the 2016 that Edition Hotels itself currently lists on its website before that happens, if not a bit closer to a decade after we first looked at the crazy-cool development (Jenga!).

That hasn’t stopped Dean & Deluca from opening in early March though, and if the crowd we saw here this past weekend is anything to go by, the urban Bangkok set is all over the barista-crafted lattes and $11 ham & cheese sandwiches. If you’re looking for the affordable Bangkok, you certainly won’t find it here.

Dean & Deluca is on the ground floor of the – still covered up – Mahanakhon Cube, which will be between the main tower and Chong Nonsi, the Bangkok Skytrain station that connects you to the Silom line.

You can spot the cube and get a sense of its scale in the above rendering, which also shows how far the main tower – which will house the 150-room Bangkok Edition and 194 Ritz-Carlton Residences – has to come before it tops out at 77 stories.

This is what the tower looks like today, still in the early stages of construction at 15 stories or so of bare concrete.

The finished three-story section you see above is not attached to the main tower as far as can we tell, and we’re not sure it is actually part of the final scheme – it wouldn’t surprise us if it were a temporary marketing suite / office space that will disappear later on.

We’ll keep you posted as Mahanakhon continues to rise and details on the Bangkok Edition come out. If you want to get a sense of what will be inside the Ritz-Carlton Residences, go here for lots of renderings of what will be Thailand’s most expensive residential tower.

[Photos: JasonD, Rendering: Archetype Group]

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