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MGM Resorts and Hakkasan Are Forming a Hotel Management Group

April 15, 2014 at 2:15 PM | by | ()

Nightclubs with hotels attached are no longer a punchline or the start of a bad review on TripAdivsor. They are the real thing.

Just a few months after Hyde Hotels was announced, comes news that MGM Resorts have partnered up with nightlife company, Hakkasan (they of restaurant and nightclub fame) to create MGM Hakkasan Hospitality.

The new venture will, according to an official statement, "focus on the design, development and management of luxury non-gaming hotels, resorts and residential offerings under the Bellagio, Hakkasan, MGM Grand and SKYLOFTS brands in key international gateway cities and prime resort destinations across the globe. "


What we're piecing together here is that Bellagio, MGM Grand, SKYLOFTS and Hakkasan will be opening hotels and resorts under their individual names, all to be developed and manager by MGM Hakkasan. So basically, the world is getting even more luxury hotels with an emphasis on the nightlife options. "Early targets" for the new hotels include Beverly Hills, New York and London.

Clearly, both sides of the partnership know more than enough about their respective businesses and indeed, they've already partnered up to bring Hakkasan to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. But it will be interesting to see what an MGM Hakkasan Hotel will look and act like. We just pray there won't be a long line to get into the hotel.

PS. Are we just old or are people really not happy with just relaxing in their hotel room anymore?

PPS. Does this mean the Delano at Mandalay Bay is still happening? Or will it turn into a MGM Hakkasan property?

[Photo of Hakkasan at MGM Grand in Las Vegas: VegasChatter]

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This seems like an odd venture. If I were looking for someone to run my luxury hotel, I doubt it would be this new company. On the restaurant/club side, Hakkasan only has 12 locations worldwide. And, the fact that their sole nightclub has only been open a year would concern me.

My bigger concern, however, would be the hotel side of the operation. Running a small luxury hotel is drastically different than running a 3,000+ room mega-hotel like Bellagio or MGM Grand. And while Skylofts are only 51 rooms, they more of a hotel-within-a-hotel than a separate entity.