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5 New Things To Try in Vegas (and 1 Big Thing to Avoid)

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If you haven't been to Vegas for a few years, then you're going to be blown away by the amount of changes that have happened in Sin City. Heck, even if you haven't been to Vegas in a year or two years, you might not recognize the latest re-incarnation of Fabulous Las Vegas.

Our sibling, VegasChatter is constantly chronicling the changes but if you've got a short attention span (and this is the internet so who doesn't?), here are 5 New Things to Try in Vegas (and 1 Big Thing to Avoid.)


We named 24-Hour Hotel Stays the Best New Service of 2013 and now, the trend has hit Vegas at the Palms Hotel and Casino. So if you check-in at 8pm on a Friday, you don't have to leave until 8pm on Saturday. There are some contingencies such as you must book through Palms.com and you must note your check-in time when you make the reservation. You also have to book either a Superior or Premier room, or the Ivory Suite to get the 24-hour stay. But it's totally worth it if it means saving you five hours from hanging around the airport with a nasty hangover. (Read more about it here.)


If you've not heard about The Linq that's opened between Flamingo and The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace), then you need to get up to speed right now. The Linq is a new retail village that's filled with a couple of new eateries, tons of new shops (including a bowler hat shop and Sprinkles Cupcakes) and a massive new Brooklyn Bowl outpost, a bowling alley/concert venue that's four times the size of the original in Brooklyn. At the end of The Linq is the newest addition to the Vegas skyline, The High Roller, an observation wheel that when it opens later this month (supposedly), will be the largest ferris wheel in the world. And yes, you can drink inside of those observation pods. Shots, shots, shotsshotsshots!


Once upon a time in "old" Vegas, only the biggest whales could access The Strip's sweetest suites. Not anymore. Caesars Entertainment has opened up their best suites and villas, across all their properties, to the general public via their new AnthologySuites.com website. So no matter how little you gamble or even if you don't gamble at all, you'll be able to score the 10,000-sq.ft. Marcus Aurelius suite. Of course, you still have to come up with the money to afford the suite which can run up to $30,000 a night. The Mirage has also done the same things with their VIP Villas. Anyone willing to split a villa with us, 10 ways?


There's a new nightclub at The Cosmopolitan but fortunately, it doesn't involve waiting in line next to greasy gorillas or forking over thousands of dollars for crappy bottle service. Rather, Rose.Rabbit.Lie is more like a supper club where you get to dine on inventive dishes before catching the three different showings of Vegas Nocturne. Now, we're not going to go too in-depth on one of the most unusual shows in Vegas because we're firm believers in that you should see it completely unprepared for what will happen. But there is truly nothing else like it in Vegas right now. If you loved "Absinthe" at Caesars Palace, then you must see this show too. (Not so coincidentally it's from Spieglworld, the same company behind "Absinthe".)


As The Strip gets more and more commercial new things, Downtown Las Vegas has been getting its own makeover as well. Hotels have been spiffed up and completely renovated while new attractions have been opening left and right. While Downtown doesn't have much of the glitz and glamour of The Strip, the laid-back vibe is much appreciated, not to mention so are the more affordable room rates and gaming tables. One bummer? Resort fees still apply. Yet it's definitely worth the trip down the Strip, even if only for a few hours.


This terrible check-out scam that a VegasChatter writer encountered at Planet Hollywood. Here's what happened:

Prior to departing this Sunday, the phone in our friend's room rang. A woman on the line asked specifically by name for one of the guests in the room. When he wasn't available, they asked, again by name, for the other person staying in the room. The latter was the person who made the reservation, checked in first with their credit card and happened to be the one answering the call.

The caller explained she was from the front desk and apologized that the hotel systems crashed that morning and automatic checkout would be unavailable. The caller further stated that, to expedite checkout, she would need to obtain the credit card used for the room. She went even further to state her "employee number" and put a male manager on the phone. All while keyboard clicks and "lobby noise" in the background added up to making the call sound pretty damn official. But, it didn't stop there. To further reassure this guest, she offered to hang up so that our friend could dial zero to call back and be connected to the front desk to complete the transaction. Scammers wouldn't do that, right? But wait, there's more! The "employee" offered a 50% discount on the room for the inconvenience. (We would've asked for the resort fee to be waived, too!)

After, unfortunately, providing his credit card number, the caller then asked for the three digit security code on the back of the card. Luckily, a red flag went off at this point and our friend provided an incorrect security code. After hanging up, he dialed the front desk who confirmed that, yes, he had been scammed and would need to come down and fill out a police report. Both the officer on the scene and Planet Hollywood security admitted this is a scam happening all over town and they have no idea yet how the scammers are getting guest names and matching them to the correct room numbers.

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Archived Comments:

Never be naive in Vegas!

Re: Phone checkout scam.  The best rule is to never, never give your credit card info to anyone over the phone, period! Make your reservations in person, checkout in person, pay with your cc in person, etc.  That way you will have a paper receipt in the event things go wrong. It may be inconvenient, but may also save you hundreds (if not thousands)of bucks!  Have fun, but be cautious about all that you do...even getting into an elevator with only one other person (a caution based on my own personal experience).  And, don't be afraid to question anything you are unsure of. Be your own boss in Vegas, and BE SMART the entire time you're there! You'll be more likely to come back again if you don't have a bad experience.