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12 Ways This Hotel Gets Ready for Daylight Saving Time

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This Sunday, we're springing forward for daylight saving time which means we lose an hour of sleep but we gain an extra hour of daylight. And after a long, hard winter, we're really looking forward to that.

In the past, changing clocks for the time change was kind of pain. Today, not so much since most of use cellphones and tablets and those automatically adjust to the change. Sure, there's a watch or a kitchen clock to change here and there but usually it's pretty easy. However, if you're a hotel with nearly 2,000 hotel rooms, preparing for daylight savings time is a major event.

General manager Terry Lewis of the The Sheraton Times Square Hotel, the third largest hotel in NYC, with 1,781 rooms and her staff are tasked with not only updating their clocks but also reminding guests staying at the hotel that daylight savings is happening. And it goes way beyond slipping a note under the door. Here are 12 Ways The Sheraton Times Square Gets Ready for Daylight Saving Time (#8 is REALLY important to read.)

1. The large clock in the center of the hotel's lobby is spotlighted on March 9 and March 10 as a gentle time reminder to guests

2. Poster-sized reminder signs are posted in the lobby, which guests will see as they travel in/out of the hotel on Saturday evening

3. The 10x10 foot screen in the rear lobby of the hotel displays reminders about the time change

4. Guests checking in on Saturday and checking out on Sunday see time reminders on multiple digital LED screens positioned in the Reception Desk area

5. Letters from the general manager with a reminder about the time change are slipped under each of the hotel's 1,781 guestroom doors on Saturday evening

6. Voicemail reminders from the general manager appear on guestroom voicemails on Saturday evening

7. To keep time top-of-mind, Hudson Market restaurant plays time-themed songs all evening on Saturday (from Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper to Clocks by Coldplay)

8. As a sweet consolation for losing an hour of time, anyone who purchases a burger at Hudson Market this weekend receives a complimentary thick shake with their meal

9. Each table in the hotel's Hudson Market restaurant on Saturday and Sunday will have hourglass egg timers and signage with reminders about turning clocks forward.

10. Housekeepers check and adjust more than 1,800 guestroom clocks (from in-room alarm clocks to kitchenette microwaves) on Sunday, March 10

11. The VIP Club Lounge and bar, which overlook the lights of Times Square, will remind feature with bar-top signs featuring time-change reminders, as well as hourglass egg timers

12. On Saturday and Sunday, each hotel associate at the front desk verbally reminds guests about the time change.

Rooms at The Sheraton Times Square this weekend start at just $171 for a traditional room and $215 for a Sheraton club room

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