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Ritz-Carlton Wants to Let You Eat Cake, Their New Signature Cake

March 5, 2014 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

If you're reading this today from inside a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, then scurry on down to the front desk and immediately request one of the new signature Ritz-Carlton chocolate cakes.

Available at all Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world, the chocolate cake was created as an edible way to celebrate the heritage of Ritz-Carlton. They also wanted a cake that could travel well as they anticipated guests would take them home as gifts.

So, 20 of the Ritz's pastry chefs from around the world were asked to submit their own recipe for the best cake, all to be executed by Frederic Barasse, the head pastry chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, and judged by Ritz-Carlton's top execs.

However, Ritz's corporate chef Rainer Zinngrebe had some stipulations--the cake had to contain Grand Marnier since the liqueur was named by Cesar Ritz for his friend Louis-Alexandre Marnier La Postelle, who had invented the liqueur (and who later gave Ritz the money to start up his very first hotel in Paris.) The cake also had to contain fine chocolate because, well, of course it has to have chocolate. And lastly, the cake needed to stay fresh for up to eight days.

After an extensive taste-test (which was written about for the latest issue of the Ritz-Carlton magazine), the chef with the winning cake was….

Keep reading to find out who won the Ritz-Carlton cake-off!

Congratulations to Yusuke Aoki of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto for his chocolate cake entry, which is now in place at all Ritz hotels today.

The long rectangular cake is a sponge cake mixed with three different kinds of chocolate and layered with two stripes of bitter caramel and two stripes of orange ganache which is made with candied fruit and the required Grand Marnier. It's topped with another fine strip of chocolate, stamped with the Ritz-Carlton lion logo. Below is a video on how it's made, featuring chefs Zinngrebe and Barasse.

The cake, wrapped in a chic black box with the words "The Cake" printed on the side and tied with a white Ritz-Carlton ribbon, is for sale only in Ritz-Carlton hotels from around $40-$45. There are plans to sell it online in the coming months so you can taste a bit of the Ritz without ever leaving your house. #heaven

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That looks amazing! I would eat that entire thing.