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Hotels and Their Endless Love Affair with The Wingback Chair

March 6, 2014 at 10:33 AM | by | ()

If you happen to be reading HotelChatter.com from a hotel -- and how great if you are -- take a look around. There's a very good chance you will see one of the most popular and re-invented lounge chairs ever -- the wingback chair. Maybe you are sitting in one now and if so, it's pretty comfy isn't it?

The wingback chair has been around since the 17th century yet seems to have found a permanent home in modern hospitality. What a difference 300 years can make, as there are about as many different versions on the market to entice us.

It is a design that has always been intended for comfort first. This chair generally features a high back that you can fully rest your head against, and projecting side sections that offer a subtle sense of security, especially at the top (hence the term "wings.") This goes a long way in a great big hotel lobby -- designers love it and guests love it. Win win.

This photo gallery celebrates the chair that has won the hearts of hoteliers, their designers, and perhaps more often than we realize, our derriere. Have a seat and take a look at our first round of images. Trust us, we've got more.

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