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No Joke: This Hotel Left a Sticky Note On the Headboard

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April 1, 2014 at 10:55 AM | by | ()

Hmmm... this was definitely a new one for us. This weekend, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in San Clemente, California, while attending a wedding on the adjacent golf course, and when we entered our room, we found this note waiting for us, pressed on the headboard.

As snotty as it sounds, our first thought was whether the hotel wanted a cookie for this typically routine service. We also wondered if sticky notes are now the new way to communicate in our technologically advanced world.

But alas, the note is actually just a marketing opportunity by Hampton Inn. (We've seen another hotel use sticky notes before as a marketing gimmick too.)

A few years ago, the brand rolled out these printed sticky notes to assure guests that the sheets on the bed are clean. Which makes sense since our #1 fear is usually that the duvet cover hasn't been washed and contains god-knows-what kind of stains.

But while we definitely appreciate clean linens, we're not sure we need a note, much less a sticky note on the headboard, to remind us. This isn't Office Space, it's a hotel room.

What do you think? Should Hampton Inn use sticky notes on the headboard to remind guests about the clean linens? Or is there another way to do this? Sound off in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Marketing campaign they've being doing a while

Guessing this was your first stay in Hampton Inn in a while...only ask because I stayed at my first Hampton Inn in Baltimore in August 2012 and they left me a note then. One of my favorite hotel chains.

Odd Complaint

This seems like an odd thing to complain about...particularly when this post states the #1 fear is a dirty duvet. Not all hotels clean bedding after every guest. I see nothing wrong with letting a guest know that everything is clean.

So, is the complaint merely because the message is via Post-It? While a sticky note might not be the most elegant method of written communication, this is a Hampton Inn. The fact that this brand actually provides clean bedding for every guest should be lauded, not criticized.

I've been missin' it...

At latst!

I've been missing routine assurances of cleanliness ever since motels stopped putting those "Sanitized For Your Protection" paper tapes across the toilet seats.

sticky situation

Full disclosure, my company owns a Hampton Inn. So my reaction, when I first saw the stickies rolled out was, it's part of that fun spirited marketing campaign that brought us a different picture next to our room entrance door so you wouldn't forget what room you were in, and an incredibly cute/happy/touching photograph and caption in the elevator that makes you smile. So stickies...when your hotel room is so much less than expensive than any other downtown, it's nice to know they're not skimping on the sheets, ya know? Hamptons have a personality. And I liked being faked out the first time. What? Did housekeeping put that out for ME? It's fun. It's part of the brand.