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A Swedish Girls School will Turn into a Design Hotel Next Month

Where: Sveavägen 48, Stockholm, Sweden
March 4, 2014 at 9:59 AM | by | ()

If any hotel can buck that strangely persistent masculine naming trend, surely we can count on a girls' school-turned-hotel to do so. And so, here we have the prim sounding, new member of the Design Hotels Collection, Miss Clara,from Sweden's Nobis Group.

Centrally located north of Kungsgatan Avenue, the century-old Art Nouveau building that houses the former Ateneum girl’s school has been lovingly restored under the direction of Gert Wingårdh of architecture firm Wingårdhs. High ceilings and large windows remain intact and all 92 rooms follow the hot Swedish architect’s unique concept of an outward-facing property, where the windows facing Sveavägen boulevard are treated as "center stage".

The rooms will have storage installations stretching along the window walls, cleverly hiding a minibar, luggage bay and retractable work desk -- those Scandinavians just breathe functional design, no? There will also be a restaurant and bar, as well as a well-equipped gym, sauna and relaxation lounge.

Miss Clara opens on April 4th when rates start at $185.

[Photo: Design Hotels]

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Sad about the school

It is a bit saddening that the school did not flourish.  I guess money is always a determining factor if something significant such as a school will flourish.  Marl of Admission-service.com