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Montcalm Is Opening Two New London Hotels, We Think

April 1, 2014 at 8:46 AM | by | ()

And so the list of new London hotels continues to grow, with this time two new properties from a local brand that might not be familiar to many: Montcalm Hotels. The group currently has a total of four hotels in the West End and the City, but seems to be set on expanding with one hotel in Shoreditch and one on Finsbury Square, just west of Liverpool Street.

The latter, The Royal London House by Montcalm London City (there’s a mouthful), appears and disappears depending on where you look on the website. The former, M By Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City, is headlined as “one of London’s most notable hotels, […] essentially the spot to be in London”, which is a big statement for a hotel that isn’t open yet. According to Montcalm, it should also open near the “Silicone Roundabout”. Is that the plastic surgery equivalent of the Old Street tech area we don’t know about? Perhaps a little better copy writing is all that is needed.

M by Montcalm will be a “super high-tech” hotel with 200 guestrooms “filled with the latest gadgetry, including plasma screens doubling as mirrors, complimentary Wi-Fi and smartphone docks”. As much as we love a smartphone dock and free Wi-Fi, we think it might take a little more than that to qualify as super high-tech. There will be a rooftop bar as well. Opening is scheduled for mid-2014.

A similar time frame is indicated for opening of The Royal London House, located on the north side of Finsbury Square. It takes an existing office building (called Royal London House) and brings in 256 guestrooms, adding an extension on the roof. We don’t have many more details at this point, but a few more renderings can be seen here.

[Room rendering via Montcalm, Exterior shot via 5Plus Architects]

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