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Milk the Mini-Bar for All It's Worth at The Loews Regency Hotel

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March 31, 2014 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Ah, the hotel mini bar: source of $5 candy bars and regret. We predicted last year that this amenity was on its last legs and bid it a hearty good riddance, but now The Loews Regency Hotel has just introduced a twist on the normally overpriced service that we can get on board with.

For an additional $30 per night, guests of Loews Regency Hotel will have free reign over the entire contents of the in-room mini bar, including sweet treats like Dylan's gummy bears and M&Ms; salty snacks, beverages including fruit juice, soda, and Red Bull, beers that include Brooklyn Lager; even Champagne and hard liquor (vodka, tequila, rum and Scotch).

There is a catch, though -- and it's a big one -- the mini-bar is not replenished during your stay, and the offer requires a two-night minimum. Still, with 25 items on offer, that adds up to just a little over $1 each. A fair deal for someone hungry, accompanied, and planning an evening in.

The Milk the Mini Bar offer ends August 31st. Early April rates start at $449.

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Archived Comments:

Let's Check the Math

$30 per night times two is $60 and without a replenishment, look at the actual item costs please. Then add the tax difference between 'room&tax' versus the tax to purchase a single minibar item and, woops, it's not Almond Joy!

Rip Off

For a two night stay, plus taxes and room ... those are not M & M's. The minibar is a rip off period. For argument's sake, Snickers wholesale cost about $43.86 for a 48 ct, which is about  $0.91 each, yet these hotels are charging $5 for 1, and you think you're getting a deal at $25 a night?