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Avicii Checks Out of The Avicii Hotel Early

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March 28, 2014 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Last night a DJ did not save anyone's life in Miami. But rather, one DJ caused a major inconvenience for a big South Beach Hotel.

A month ago, we told you how superstar DJ Avicii was taking over the SLS South Beach during Miami Music Week by renaming the hotel, The Avicii Hotel. SLS then promised that guests would be treated to an “EDM-meets-luxury hotel featuring world-class programming and events, exclusive room packages…." Indeed, the SLS transformed itself completely into the Avicii Hotel even putting up the name Avicii above silver SLS letters in front of the hotel.

But it looks like Avicii himself checked out early.

TMZ reports that just before Avicii was to take the stage at Hyde Beach at the hotel for his set, he cancelled. Initial word was that he went to the hospital. TMZ later confirmed that Avicii was discharged from the hospital and that he also checked out of the hotel.

SLS South Beach's social media stream showed no disruption in the Music Week events, nor did the Twitter feed for Hyde Beach. However, no one mentioned anything about what happened with Avicii. Not even a cancellation notice or a "Get Well Soon!" tweet. Also, both accounts on Twitter stopped using the #aviciihotel hashtag on their later tweets from Thursday night.

Even though someone thought Avicii had died (these are the people who start the internet death rumors!), we're pretty sure he's waiting to drop the beat somewhere...in another hotel.

Meanwhile, this Tweeter noticed the Avicii Hotel sign was still up after midnight.

Shady. Kids, this is why you never fall in love with a DJ. Or something like that.

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