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8 of The Best Hotel Pillows in New England

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Not all pillows are created the same. Here are some of the comfiest sleep aids around.

How would you like your good night's sleep? With a side of spritzed fragrance? Extra plush panels? Headache-reducing magnets? Whatever you want, there's probably a pillow menu that has it. We found eight New England hotels with some of our favorite feather (and rubber, and foam…) filled treats.

1. Chebeague Island Inn. Relaxing: laying down your head on a peaceful island 10 miles off the coast of Portland, Maine. More relaxing: laying it on a pillow made by CuddleDown, a local company out of Freeport. Chebeague (pictured) outfits its accommodations with CuddleDown’s 800-Fill Power European White Goose Down Pillows. (That’s a mouthful.) Made with 450-thread count cotton and boasting high fill power, the pillows are spritzed with L’Occitane lavender pillow mist at turndown for an extra olfactory lullaby.
Rates start at $220 a night.

2. Forty 1 North. The contemporary Newport resort takes it eco-conscious initiatives seriously. Though it’s not required for LEED certification (which the hotel does have), Forty 1 thought of Mother Nature when choosing its PrimaLoft pillows, which are filled with a high-end synthetic fill that is a hypoallergenic, luxury replacement for goose down. The goal is to help maintain air quality, says a rep for the property, which should encourage most guests to rest a little easier.
Rates start at $199 a night.

3. Grace Hotels. It sounds like a BuzzFeed quiz: “What kind of pillow are you?” (Followed by, naturally, “What ‘90s Teen Heartthrob Would You Totally Raid the Minibar With?”) But the luxury Grace Hotels brand’s “Bespoke by Grace” concierge service includes a questionnaire that helps guests choose a pillow that is right for them. So whether you’re staying at their White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine (pictured); Vanderbilt Grace in Newport, Rhode Island; or Mayflower Grace in Washington, Connecticut, you’ll know whether you’re best suited for the Narcissus I, an ortho-cervical pillow with natural rubber, or the Sithon IV, filled with lavender. But more importantly: should you have slept with Luke Perry or Jason Priestley?
Rates at these hotels can reach $1,800 a night. Does not include either Luke Perry or Jason Priestley but possibly Steve Sanders.

4. Mandarin Oriental Boston. At the Hub location of the luxury hotel brand, even the pillows are handmade. Because FANCY. The Mandarin offers ploh pillows, super-soft hypoallergenic offerings that are filled with a combination of white goose down and feathers. But each side of the pillow also has “plohsoft panels” that are filled with additional down, to get extra softness smushed as close to your face as possible.
Rates start at $645 a night.

5. Nine Zero Hotel. We find ourselves strangely attracted to the pillow menu at this downtown Boston destination, which includes a magnetic pillow. Magnetic are placed at various points inside the case, and the effect (supposedly) is it to create a magnetic field that mitigates headaches and aids relaxation. Does it work? Maybe —maybe not. But if the placebo effect cures your insomnia, does it matter?
Rates start at $269 a night.

6. Revere Hotel Boston Common. Are you a back sleeper? A side sleeper? Do you sleep around? The Revere Hotel has an option for you. (Okay, you’re on your own for the last.) The hotel’s pillow menu has a selection of options that are designed for different needs, including the specific position you prefer. For sleeping. Geez.
Rates start at $239 a night.

7. Taj Boston. Problem: Your husband snores. Not a solution: Placing the pillow over his face. (People go to jail for that.) Definite solution: the anti-snoring pillows at the Taj Boston, shaped in such a way to (hopefully) turn uppercase ZZZZs into quieter, gentler lowercase ones. And also keep you out of incarceration.
Rates start at $795 a night.

8. XV Beacon. When you’re pregnant, you’re not just eating for two: you’re sleeping for two, too. (Which means you should be getting at least 16 hours. See how that justification works?) The XV Beacon has plenty of pillow options, from soft or firm fills to TempurPedic options that contour to your head. But expectant mothers will appreciate the foam body pillows available for her – and baby – in mind.
Rates start at $360 a night.

[Photos courtesy of the hotels listed]

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