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Did The First Lady Really Have to Stay at The Westin in Beijing?

Where: Beijing, China
March 25, 2014 at 9:28 AM | by | ()

And no, we're not asking that question because the room rate was so outrageous at $8,400 a night and because taxpayers might be footing the bill. instead, we're asking that because you can be sure that if we have nearly ten grand to spend on a hotel room in Beijing, it's not going to be at the Westin Chaoyang. That's for sure.

We'd rather spend our money at the Opposite House in Sanlitun or try out one of the suites at the just-opened Waldorf Astoria. Wait, what are we thinking? Clearly, we're going to lay our head down on the pillows at the Peninsula Hotel. See, there are plenty of other better choices than a Westin if you've got $10,000 to spend.

Then again, the Westin brand is business-traveler friendly whereas the Waldorf or Peninsula might be too flashy for the First Lady's official visit. Westin also boasts a thorough fitness and wellness program which aligns nicely with Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" exercise campaign.

Interestingly, according to the Washington Times, Joe Biden refused to stay at the Westin during his trip because it was more expensive than the St. Regis. Then again, Biden was booking up more than 200 hotel rooms where the First Lady just had a presidential suite with her mom and daughters. But still, Michelle, the Westin? Well, at least they don't charge for WiFi in the presidential suite.

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