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A Glimpse At Two More W Hotels Coming to Mexico in 2015

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W Hotels knows a good thing when they see it – the increasing popularity and value of Mexico as a destination both for business and leisure. With their first hotel debuting last year "south of the border," W Mexico City, two more hotels are scheduled to open in 2015--W Santa Fe and W Kanai Retreat.

The two hotels couldn’t be more different in location and design, but what they do have in common are American architect Richard Meier, his first collaboration with W Hotels. Exciting stuff for architect and design nerds. Here's a little refresher on Meier if you need it:

Meier is a class act modernist, and his works are timeless. But he's only done a few hotels in his 50-year, highly acclaimed, career. He designed a series of suites for the Hotel Raphael in Rome, and has hotel projects under way in Tianjin, China, and Italy. Still, he's right up W’s alley and he will be working with local architects Migdal Arquitectos.

The always exciting role of hotel interiors will be undertaken by New York based Meyer Davis Studio, for the W Kanai Retreat, who also designed W Mexico City. The W Santa Fe interiors will be led by a team consisting of New York based Krause+Sawyer and local firm Edmonds International. Krause+Sawyer have designed several W Hotels, including W Panama and two in New York City.

Here’s a first look at what we can expect to see more of -- much more of -- next year.

1. W Santa Fe

W Santa Fe will occupy a portion of a larger development, Liberty Plaza, in Mexico City’s commercial district. The hotel will offer about 132 guest rooms, with dining options from other locations in the Plaza, and of course, a rooftop pool and bar. The hotel is targeting LEED Certification, and we’ll see how that goes.

Clearly appealing to the business traveler, W Santa Fe's crisp, clean, and environmentally correct green design should appeal to, and look good, on all of us.

We know, it's hard to figure out this highly abstract lobby, but it's all we've got for now. Mexico City is a colorful city, and if the colors shown in this image have any connection to reality, it's going to be looking good.

2. W Kanai Retreat

If we had to find a few words to describe the limited renderings of W Kanai Retreat, it would be “sprawling and cool, but bring comfortable shoes.” The hotel is located within the Kanai resort destination, which includes other hotels. None like this one. The design is all about connecting the interior to the exterior. Guest rooms will have clear views to the sea (no views of neighboring guests) and private patios fully stocked with a bar and hot tub. We would expect no less.

It is hard to trademark Richard Meier's designs, but he is a master of white and light, so this hotel project should be a slam dunk for him.

This image comes from Meyer Davis Studios, who have been keeping their progress under wraps. No worries, we will wait for it, wait for it.

W Santa Fe expected to open January, 2015, reservations not yet accepted; W Kanai Retreat expected to open July 1, 2015, reservations not yet accepted either. We'll let you know when they open up.

[PHOTOS: Exterior Image, Richard Meier + Partners; Interior image, W Santa Fe: Edmonds International; Image, terrace, W Kanai Retreat: Meyer Davis Studio]

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