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How The Cromwell Will Be Bringing The Boutique Game to Las Vegas

March 21, 2014 at 5:50 PM | by | ()

When Caesars Entertainment closed Bill's Gambling Hall (formerly the Barbary Coast) last year, the decision was clear--the property on the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard was going to be a boutique hotel.

While the initial hotel brand, who shall not be named, didn't work out, and Caesars decided to run the property on their own, they are still determined to offer a true boutique experience with the new The Cromwell Hotel, opening on May 21st. Here's how they'll do it.

For starters, The Cromwell only has 188 hotel rooms. By comparison, the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace has 181 rooms. But Nobu is a part of a massive casino experience and it doesn't have its own entrance (although it does have dedicated Nobu bellmen at the front of Caesars to greet guests.) Because of the limited amount of rooms, The Cromwell can take guests from arrival through check-in and up to their rooms in a much faster time than any other hotel in town.

The Cromwell will also have its own casino (but no sports book) as well as the first-ever restaurant from Giada De Laurentiis and day and nightclub venues from Vegas's after-hours legend, Victor Drai. Specialty F&B and happening nightlife on property? Check and check.

But its the perks that The Cromwell will bestow on its guests that will at last bring the boutique game to Vegas. No high-roller suite needed. Here's what to expect when you book a standard room at The Cromwell:

· Privacy: The guest elevators at The Cromwell will be keycard access only. So if you're not a guest, you need to be with a guest to get up to the rooms.

· Complimentary coffee and pastries: The Cromwell will put out complimentary coffee and danishes on the guest floors. It's no nonfat skinny iced mocha with whip but it's coffee and you can walk out in your robe to get it.

· Guaranteed Access to Drai's Beachclub: The last time Victor Drai opened a pool scene at a hotel, things went very badly...for hotel guests. We've been told by the Cromwell folks that absolutely, without a doubt, will guests have access to Drai's Beachclub. They simply need to show their room key. As for the nightclub, we've been told guests will have "priority" but should make a reservation anyways. That said, if the club is not at capacity and you want to roll up, simply flashing your breas, er, key card will work.

· Daily Happy Hour with the Hotel's General Manager: This is very cool and nearly unheard of in Vegas, although it's a standard practice for boutique brands like Kimpton and Andaz Hotels. The Cromwell will be using a reserved gaming space on the casino floor each afternoon at five for a happy hour with the general manager. We've been told wine and caviar will be served but the exact fare will probably change frequently.

Rates at The Cromwell are currently holding steady at $299 on opening night, May 21st. We've been told some more "unique" guest experiences will be unveiled closer to the opening. In the meantime, you can make your reservations here.

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No there is another....

" Because of the limited amount of rooms, The Cromwell can take guests from arrival through check-in and up to their rooms in a much faster time than any other hotel in town."

At the Monte Carlo's boutique Hotel32, which only has 50 units, bellman can take you from limo directly to Hotel32 and a suite assistant who escorts you to your room.  There, in your room, you will find the check-in papers and keys, a simple signature and you're done. No waiting at all. Not sure how checking in at the front desk first, and then going to your room can really be fast than that. "much faster time than any other hotel in town" is a bit of a stretch, IMO, just say'in.

Otherwise, Cromwell sounds like it will be "The" killer property on the strip. Will have to wait until after it opens to see how prices fluctuate before deciding to stay there. $250 during the week for only a 360 square feet room is a bit steep for LV hotels, even the boutique ones.