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5 Tasty Facts About The DoubleTree Cookie You're Probably Eating Right Now

March 20, 2014 at 8:47 AM | by | ()

Got a craving for a cookie? Then get yourself to the nearest DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel because the hotel brand is celebrating its 300 million cookie milestone by giving out even more cookies to guests and non-guests around the world.

That's right. Whether or not you're a guest at a DoubleTree today or just passing by, you can stop in and get one of their signature chocolate chip cookies. And if you live in NYC, keep an eye for DoubleTree team members who will be roaming the streets handing out two cookies to people from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. DoubleTree is hoping folks will take one cookie to keep and one to share with their friends. (We'll see about that!)

The DoubleTree cookie was first handed out to all guests in the late 1980s at a time when it was common for hotels to only give them to VIP guests. By 1986, a secret recipe for the cookie was created and to this day, only a handful of bakeries around the world hold the secret recipe. However, each chocolate chip cookie is baked fresh daily at the hotel. And yes, the cookie is served at EVERY DoubleTree hotel in the world from Chile to China.

"It's something that seems to transcend all cultures--a chocolate chip cookie," said John Greenleaf, global head of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels.

Here are 5 more interesting, and tasty, facts about the delicious DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie:

1. 77,000 chocolate chip cookies are given out each day.
2. 28,000,000 warm welcomes happen at DoubleTree annually
3. 300,000,000+ chocolate chip cookies have been given out to date
4. 20 is the average number of chocolate chips per 2 ounce cookie
5. 950,000 pounds of chocolate chips are used each year.

The cookie craziness that's happening today is all part of DoubleTree by Hilton's new global campaign, Cookie Care, which not only reminds people about the sweet gift they get when checking into a DoubleTree hotel but also spotlights the brands' CARE service culture. CARE, in case you care, stands for "Create a Rewarding Experience" for guests, team members and the community. And at the forefront of CARE is the cookie.

"The purpose is simple. We want to introduce people to Doubletree through the cookie so they can taste the first step in the Doubletree experience," said Greenleaf.

DoubleTree will be hosting spontaneous Cookie Care events around the world throughout the year (mostly in major cities and at high-profile events) and will take the Cookie Care campaign even further on social media. Using the hashtag, #cookiecare, folks can tell DoubleTree via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, "Who Else Deserves Some Cookie Care?" DoubleTree will be going through the submissions, before selecting the winners who will receive a surprised delivery of the cookies.

DoubleTree also plans to sell the chocolate chip cookie dough online later this spring, so you can make your own cookies and maybe more importantly, have your kitchen smell like a DoubleTree for the afternoon. Alas, no secret recipe for the dough will be included.

[Photo: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels]

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