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What's The Difference Between The North and South Sides of Lake Tahoe?

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Before we get into breaking down the newly renovated hotels of South Lake Tahoe, we'd like to tackle an often-asked question about the region: What's the difference between the hotels on the South and North sides?

In general, North Lake Tahoe forgoes nightlife for tranquility, and as a result, most properties are spread out, self-sustaining and more full-service oriented than many found on the South side, where entertainment options are abundant and hotels are bunched together in town. Expect to find a lot of lesser quality and budget hotels sprinkled in amongst the best kept ones in South Lake (which you will learn about this week).

South Lake Tahoe

There are exceptions, but this is the basic rule to remember: "South Lake" is a concentrated town of a few square miles, and "North Lake" is more of a general term for the whole north side. If you stay in South Lake, you will be within walking distance of the town's attractions, which include nightlife and dining options outside of those present (or not present) at the hotel. You'll also find a lot of casinos in South Lake, whereas they are few and far between otherwise. Once owned by Frank Sinatra, North Lake's most infamous casino, the Cal Neva Resort, is currently closed for renovations.

If you're looking for a secluded, resort experience, begin your search on the North side of the lake. If it's a smaller, more boutique-y experience that comes with the support of a town, South Lake is where you belong. Both sides have plenty of small inns, so your decision rests on whether or not you want the nightlife.

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