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Lindsay Lohan Was Living (and Smoking) at The Soho Grand for Nearly Two Months

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March 17, 2014 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

Now, isn't this interesting? We learned from Lindsay Lohan's new reality show, "Lindsay" on the OWN Network, that the troubled star was actually living at the Soho Grand last fall for nearly two months before she was finally allowed to lease the apartment she wanted.

See, what makes this interesting is that we have Soho Grand at the very top of our list of hotels where Lohan isn't welcome. Back in 2007, Lohan had a drunken outburst that ended in her being carried back up to her room and then eventually escorted out of the hotel.

Granted, we published that story before Soho Grand took her in so somewhere over the course of the next few months, Soho Grand had a change of heart. (We suspect more likely the OWN production company convinced the hotel to take her in and showed them the green too.)

But throughout last night's episode, Lohan kept talking about how hotels remind her of her old lifestyle and bad habits and so she was desperate to get out of the hotel. (In a previous episode, before moving to a new room, her personal assistant had to make sure the minibar was empty.)

As for what type of room Lohan was in, she was most definitely in a one-bedroom suite, a 450-sq.ft. room with a master bedroom, separate living room and a 27-inch iMac. These rooms are also located on the suites-only 16th floor which is accessible only with an exclusive key card. They typically run for about $700 a night and up. Lucky Lohan.

Yet while the room was pretty and the Lohan drama captivating, we were majorly turned off when Lohan lit up some cigarettes in the room. Ugh. (The hotel apparently doesn't have a smoke-free policy.) And then when a housekeeper arrived to clean the room, she took one look at the chaos and said she would return later. We don't blame you.

On the bright side, it does look like Lindsay Lohan completed her stay at the hotel without any incident. So she is making some progress.

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