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6 Reasons Why The London Edition is All That

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We were one of the first people inside the London Edition when it opened back in September (an award-winning opening, we might add) and while HotelChatter contributor JasonD got to chat with hotelier Ian Schrager as well as peep the presidential suite, we never got to properly spend the night.

Thus when this editor found herself across the pond last month and in need of a hotel room, the choice was clear. How could I not stay at an Edition Hotel, after years (three) of obsessively following the brand?

So, using a combination of American Express points and pounds, I booked a superior room. At check-in, I was then upgraded to a deluxe room (no, the hotel was not aware I was coming.) My room was located at the end of a twisty, maze-like hallway that had me confused a few times later on when walking back to my room. But once inside room 229, the Edition was everything I hoped it would be.

Lest I bore you with long, overwrought paragraphs, allow me to present 6 Reasons Why The London Edition Is All That. If the list is too much for you to get through, then just scroll through the photos. You'll get the same idea anyways.

1. Sleek But Not Entirely Minimalist Guest Rooms: Yes, that's a mouthful of a description but the Edition guest rooms manage to keep the overall look simplistic while at the same time, having the touches that modern luxury guests expect. Floor-to-ceiling closets seamlessly blend in with the wooden floors, yet when you open the handle-less doors, you'll find amenities you love--clever mini-bar snacks, booze, slippers, and an ironing board. The nightstands hold a phone and a small analog alarm clock. At turndown, complimentary water bottles are placed next to the bed. In the bathrooms, there's a gorgeous tiled shower with both an overhead shower head and a handheld one. #omg #nevergettingout.

2. Happening But Democratic Social Scene: Berners Tavern is the place to see and be seen and on a Thursday night, every table was booked (we even spied Lily Allen at one.) A hotel employee told us at check-in that the reservations get booked up fast. Luckily, our dining companion made rezzies well in advance for us.

But aside from Berners, there are other places to dine and drink. For starters, there is the Lobby Bar which has plenty of comfy seating, a roaring fire and a pool table.

Just beyond the front desk is the Punch Room, which only takes reservations but keeps a few tables for hotel guests, or residents as the hotel calls them. This is an extremely chill room, like a members-only club with small tables, another roaring fire and classic punch bowls. (Not the kinds you used to spike in middle school.)

Lastly, there's Basement, a semi-secret, intimate nightclub venue in, you guessed it, the basement of the hotel. This is where we saw a lot of young kids going in and out of. So if you are a Millennial, you will probably like it. If not, stick to the upstairs.

3. Actual Attentive Service: And not just lip service, which we find too often at hotels these days. Case in point, we received a handwritten note from the front desk apologizing for our troubles with the WiFi network. While free, the WiFi worked on our phone but not our laptop. After an engineer came up to our room and after the hotel reset their network, we still couldn't get on. Later, we simply tried using a different browser (Firefox opposed to Safari) and boom, we were on. Go figure. We'll have to add that trick to this list but in the meantime, we were touched by how the hotel was so concerned. #boytimeshavechanged.

4. Hassle-Free Room Service: While Ian Schrager's Public Hotel makes room service a more casual affair, the Edition's room service breakfast was promptly delivered at the time we specified, on a traditional room service tray and with the proper silverware and condiments. But best of all, there was no bill to sign. We also loved how the breakfast menu had a green cold-pressed juice which we could enjoy along with our blueberry pancakes and cappuccino. The prices for the items were also not ridiculously marked up so we didn't feel guilty about ordering them. All in all, breakfast cost 16GBP.

5. A Masculine Touch: One sort of surprising thing we felt at The Edition was its masculine touch. No, we didn't literally get touched by a man, but we did get a manly vibe, despite the portrait photo of a woman in every room. Maybe it was the wood-panelled walls and the hard-wood floors that gave it a rugged look or maybe it was just the minimalist color combos of white, black and brown. Or it could have even been the bath toiletries, packaged in small black bottles with a strong, cologne-like scent. Also, there was bacon jam in the mini-bar. Either way, Edition is all man. A very metrosexual one, but a man nonetheless.

6. Location, Location, Location: The Edition sits in the Fitzrovia neighborhood but it's really on the border of Soho. The nearest tube stop is just a busy walk down Oxford Street away but you can sidestep the traffic by popping down the side streets. All in all, it's pretty centrally located. Although, we were dismayed to find a Subway on the same block as the hotel. (Sadly, the sandwich shop seems to be making its way around London.)

In short, after a failed attempt in Waikiki and a way-too-under-the-radar spot in Istanbul, the London Edition has rejuvenated our belief in the Edition brand and now we are crazy excited for the new properties to come--namely New York and South Beach. (And a little scared, especially for South Beach. The Edition there is going to be cray.)

Alas, all this goodness does come at a price. Our room at the Edition in London in February was about $410 USD (we paid about $100 after using some Amex points.) Expect that rate to climb as the warmer weather arrives.

[Photos: Juliana for HotelChatter]

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