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Will The Peabody Hotel Ducks Fly North?

February 10, 2014 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Since Hyatt Hotels snapped up The Peabody Orlando last summer (not long after the ducks at the Peabody Little Rock made their final march) we've been worried about what would become of the Peabody ducks that called the hotel home. Now it seems they might be heading north.

In an article last week at Commercial Observer, the owner and operator of last Peabody standing, The Peabody Memphis, and president of Peabody Hotels & Resorts,, told the newspaper that the brand is looking to go national and that New York City is on the radar. A bit of a recharge for the Peabody brand, it seems.

“We would love to be in New York—anybody would love to be in New York—and I think it’s a realistic possibility,” Browne told the newspaper, going on to say that Peabody is looking to partner with a hotel owner rather than developing a new hotel or acquiring an existing property. "By bringing the Peabody and our culture", Browne says, "we think we could add extra oomph to a unique brand.”

It sounds like Peabody already have their eye on a few properties and we can't help but wonder where they have in mind -- not to mention how this quaint Memphis tradition will go down in the NYC market. A unique brand in need of an extra "oomph?" Ideas?

[Photo: Facebook/The Peabody Ducks]

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