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3 Hotel Spa Treatments For Beating The Winter Blues in Chicago

February 7, 2014 at 4:34 PM | by | ()

At this point, Chicagoans are so over winter (and we still have 40 days to go.) Local spas are rising to the occasion with new treatments that do more than just pamper. If you're not down for swimming laps, check out these three services that combine plush bathrobes and tranquil settings with serums, gels, and rituals meant to clear bad energy. Let the healing begin.

CHUAN SPA AT LANGHAM CHICAGO can give you a fresh start to the year, if you have three hours—and $525—to spare. Available through February 28, The Chinese New Year Rejuvenation Package includes a bamboo-and-seasame body buff, a ginger-wasabi detox body wrap, and a massage that incorporates an orchid-and-pearl cream. Afterwards, try fresh fruits pair fresh fruits paried with soothing teas during the Chuan Signature Elemental Tea Service. Guests leave with a personalized Chinese New Year Fortune.

THE SPA AT THE FOUR SEASONS CHICAGO now offers The Sjal Skincare Signature Gemstone and Crystal Facial. The bad-energy-blasting, holistic facial incorporates Eastern healing techniques such as reflexology and shiatsu. The indecently luxurious Sjal products are made with crushed pearls, sapphire, and gold. As the potions smooth out your skin and add a pearly glow, technicians place healing stones at certain energy points throughout the body, and conduct a massage using a sapphire wand. The service runs $170 to $220.

SPA@ THEWIT AT THEWIT HOTEL has a new service called TheDetox. The 75-minute treatment uses a cucumber-mint sugar scrub to slough off dry skin and a blueberry body wrap to detoxify; there's also a Swedish massage involved. Afterwards, sip some green tea in the spa's dimly lit Whisper Lounge. The service is $175.

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