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What Should a New Hotel Opening in Oregon Have In Its Guest Rooms?

February 6, 2014 at 5:36 PM | by | ()

You crowdsource your friends and followers on social media for help and advice on where to eat, where to stay and what to buy. So why shouldn't hoteliers crowdsource for ideas on opening and operating a hotel? That's what one newbie hotelier is doing right here on HotelChatter.

Here's the first in what we hope will be a series of questions on what should be included in his 30-bed hotel along the Oregon coast. We're not making promises or anything but imagine if, by opening day, the hotel has all of our suggestions inside. Pretty cool, huh?

But enough pipe-dreaming. Here's what our newbie hotelier, KB, wants to know:

I was wondering what items definitely need to be in the room?

We say, start with the two Fs: free WiFi and flat-screen TVs. Tell our newbie hotelier what you think in comments below!

[Photo of an already opened hotel via UGGBoy/HotelChatter Flickr Group]

Archived Comments:


He should definitely read Daniel Jordaan's 10 commandments.


He should definitely read Daniel Jordaan's 10 commandments.

Build for the future!

Forget the king-sized lineup of channels that nobody really cares about anymore. Bandwidth is king. Get sleek HDTVs 42s or larger and get big on the bandwidth. Hotel brands will have minimum standards  for channel lineups. My advice big screens, bandwidth and connectivity will win the guests. Now and in the future. I'll be happy to assist you further.

Something complimentary...

Local treats/produce/magazines are always appreciated.  Boutique bath products and comfy bedding are also a must.

Need more precision

Where exactly in Oregon will this hotel be? Portland? Wine country? Eugene or Corvallis? High desert resort?  Because the clientele and expectations are going to be different...

Things I always forget

Toothpaste and hairspray.  A good hair dryer.  These are my wish list along with free Wi-Fi and water.

Oregon Hotel Needs

Definitely a good-sized flat-screen TV. As you are on the coast, a small fridge. Offer local/Oregon products whenever possible. Coffeemaker with high-quality coffee. Optional upgrade amenity basket with local products. Local guide for things to do, tide tables, restaurant listings.

Service Matters Most

From a business perspective, don't fall into the trap of thinking that in-room amenities will get guests to return unless the service is good. Before spending extra money on fancy electronics or upgraded soaps/lotions, make sure you will be able to afford to hire and train a top-notch staff.

Never seen on Trip Advisor: "The Front Desk was rude and I had to make three calls just to get an extra towel, but I'm definitively going back because they had a Nespresso coffee maker in the room".

Service and bandwidth

Nothjng frustrates me more than lousy bandwidth and
unengaging service, in that order. Don't get me wrong it's just  I am so used to blank looks and/ or "I'm saying this script because my boss/brand says I have to" .  At least if the wifi is good I can just sit and roll my eyes at the poor souls whose boss decided not to train them, But if I get the unengaged look  and the wifi stinks you've lost me forever.

I will say engaging service, not "branded-script" service, is so rare today that it warms my heart and will always get a trip advisor / yelp review along with an email or written note to the hotel manager.


I hate working in the lobby and bring my laptop with me to every hotel I go to. Please have a comfortable desk for me to sit at with a good chair. Nothing drives me more crazy than having to work on the bed.

Coast specific

Fantastic sand-removal, like sand gone, is a must at the wet Oregon coast.  
A refrigerator, because we always bring back fresh seafood or other goodies.
A brewery map, because Oregon is the microbrew capitol of the world.

Luxury & Eco Friendly Toiletries

In this day and age most properties want to do their part and offer green but still luxurious amenities to their guests. Not only will you   help reduce the impact on the environment but your customers won't forget that you have a great brand that they love as well.

Contact me and I would be happy to give you more about our products!

Needs some love.

Mounting that TV on the wall with an adjustable mount even if your limited to that size will make a big difference. Free in room WiFi that does not run at the speed of slug is a must. I see what looks like a LAN connection on the desk but I become unlikely to return to a property where I have to set up my travel router. A chair with wheels on a carpet is just asking for a problem. Look for a wood mat. I am less about the USB ports and more about power outlets being accessible on the desk and the nightstand. Generic art on the wall is well, generic art on the wall and in this case with an annoying desk mirror. I do like the desk drawer. It's looks like a decent room from the one shot of the desk but I am more likely to find a cafe/bar to hang out and work in because the room does not invite me to stay. Perhaps a locally made throw blanket on the chair in the mirror available new in package for the guest to purchase?