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What Will Hotel Videos Look Like in the Future?

February 6, 2014 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

With video quickly gaining market share within the little world we like to call the Internet, it's fair to wonder how hotels will approach it with regards to marketing. In a recent advertorial, a digital marketing agency claimed that "bookings are 67% more likely to happen when a video tour is available," and that "Internet shoppers who view [the] video are an astounding 89% more likely to book."

If those stats are true -- or anywhere close to true -- then it would appear that a video is all but necessary these days. If we can suspend any disbelief, then the fun in speculation begins: How creative will hotels be in making said videos? Are we to expect glorified virtual tours, or content that more closely resembles a Super Bowl ad, meant to make a big impression after only a single view?

It's most likely the case that we'll see many different approaches across a variety of hotel budgets. The trick is going to be balancing concrete information with fluff and creativity. We get the experience will be glorified, but it can't be deceiving and it must not only give but inspire a course of action for the viewer.

Personally, we're hoping the next phase of marketing doesn't just flood our channels with videos that follow in the footsteps of current resort commercials -- dramatized scenes that showcase the property at its best. But, given the agenda -- to convince someone to book in under a minute -- there's only so many ways to go about it.

Although the movement of hotels using videos may be gaining steam, it certainly isn't a new concept. The Standard introduced its staff via You Tube a few years ago, and one hotel even asked for your videos.

Hmm... perhaps the future of hotel video footage lies not with the hotel, but with its guests. User videos that showcase the hotel... could it be the next phase of TripAdvisor?

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Guest Submitted Videos

Guest Submitted Videos would be a Great Idea! However, hotels would always run the risk of prank or inaccurate conditions being posted. I think I would rather see guest having the ability to rate or verify the videos being advertised. We have all stayed at hotels that have beautiful images of their rooms online, just to walk into a dated disaster.