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Sixty Hotels Are Now Officially In Place

February 5, 2014 at 9:19 AM | by | ()

Just a few short months after unveiling their logo, The Sixty Collective has made the full-blown separation from its former company, Thompson Hotels. But remember, the Sixty Hotels moniker only applies to four hotels, per the separation terms with Commune Hotels & Resorts (you can get up to speed on that break-up here.)

And yes, that means the lovely 60 Thompson Hotel has to lose the Thompson bit. It will go by the name Sixty Soho.

We first noticed the name change on the brand's social media channels. Here's what their Twitter bio (@SixtyHotels) now reads:

Additionally, all the hotels have slightly updated websites. For example, take a look at the Sixty Beverly Hills website. A cool illustration of the hotel's rooftop greets visitors and as you turn the pages on the room descriptions, you'll see giant photos of the accommodations. Can't go wrong with that (although we do take issue with them spelling it "glamor" in the hotel overview.) Interestingly, the hotel's Facebook page still says, "Thompson." Guess the transition isn't fully complete.

So what's next for Sixty? Well, we suspect they will need a little time to adjust to their new set-up. But we bet it won't be long before they announce some new hotels. We'll be waiting....

[Photo: Sixty Hotels]

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