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What Should The Newbie Hotelier Put In His Room Kitchens?

Where: OR, United States
February 27, 2014 at 7:15 PM | by | ()

You crowdsource your friends and followers on social media for help and advice on where to eat, where to stay and what to buy. So why shouldn't hoteliers crowdsource for ideas on opening and operating a hotel? That's what one newbie hotelier is doing right here on HotelChatter.

Here's the second in a series of questions on what should be included in his 30-bed hotel along the Oregon coast. We're not making promises or anything but imagine if, by opening day, the hotel has all of our suggestions inside. Pretty cool, huh?

But enough pipe-dreaming. Here's what our newbie hotelier, KB, wants to know now:

Next question, each room in the hotel has a kitchen. There is not a restaurant at the location. What type of items do you need in the room or available at the front desk?

We say, stock the pantries with some basic pots and pans and utensils as well as some dish soap and a dish brush. Also, have one-cup coffee makers (like Keurigs) on hand. Another nice touch would be a little basket of munchies but filled with snacks that are made in the area or Oregon in general. Lastly, since there's no restaurant, a binder of menus from nearby restaurants or delivery services would be helpful for folks who don't want to cook

Tell our newbie hotelier what you think in comments below!

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Archived Comments:


I hate when coastal hotels have kitchens but no basic spices.  Oil and vinegar would be nice, too.  

A few things!

Put a shelf on that blah nothing wall over the sink with a pot rack underneath, with pots/pans. Jar up some staples like salt, veg oil and spices then put them on the shelf. A bur grinder with a 1 or 2 cup drip coffee maker. Rubber spat, pepper mill, a proper tea kettle, tea and a wall mounted can opener. No laminated paper signs! Put some local foodie art on the wall instead. Is there a local market? How do I get there?