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The Wellington Now Has Thoroughly Modern Vending Machines

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March 3, 2014 at 5:18 PM | by | ()

With a wave of super-charged, high-tech vending machines in the airports dispensing everything from phone chargers to make-up and even iPhones, it was only a matter of time before hotels got in the automated dispensary 2.0 game as well.

Of course, vending machines in hotels is not a new concept. Hotels have long offered vending machines to service the late-night munchies or thirst of their guests. But the upscale vending machine is rather new. The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas launched a U*Tique vending machine a few years back that sells high and low items like souvenirs, make-up, and expensive headphones. Meanwhile St. Martin's Lane used to have an automated machine that sold goodies from Selfridge's department store. Indeed, The Hudson Hotel was a sort of pioneer with their Semi-Automatic Vending Machine which they first showed off in 2010.

But now, The Wellington Hotel in Times Square has installed a modern type of vending machine that sells everyday goodies from souvenirs to snacks to essentials that you actually need (chargers and toothpaste.)

Created by Vengo, the automated gift shop is made up four machines, each with a different color and each with a different theme--nightlife items, daily essentials, technology items ad snack/food products. The machines only takes credit cards, which we actually think is better so we don't have to scrounge around for quarters.

Here's a list of some of the items in the machines:
· Trident White, Rice Krispy Treats, Kind Bar, Snackwell's cookies, Clif Crunch Bar, Nature Valley Oatmeal Bar
· Sony headphones, Portable iPhone charger, iPhone 5 USB Cable, Electronic Cigarettes
· Old Spice Fiji, Tide To Go Pens, Trojan condoms, Travel Size Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kit

The hotel is a historic spot but it is bit dated and the Vengo machines might just be the hippest things about it (The hotel also earned a spot in pop culture history with the movie "Borat.") But the price is very right. Rates at the Wellington are around $175 a night next weekend. Interestingly, the WiFi is free so long as you book through the hotel's website.

[Photo: Vengo]

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