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A Look Inside Saba's Most Luxurious Resort, The Queen's Garden

February 26, 2014 at 12:56 PM | by | ()

Queen's Garden Resort is without question the premier resort on Saba -- the place the King and Queen of the Netherlands stay when they visit -- but from the moment you step through the door and meet the owners, Hidde and Claire, you feel like you're at a small boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast.

Part of that is because, in a way, you are. The property has only 15 rooms, and the proprietors are the ones actually running the place. They're working the front desk, they're cooking in the kitchen, they're training the staff, and, when they have a free moment, they're having a drink at the bar with guests. Walking through the grounds, every employee knows your name and stops to chat. Do you need anything? Would you like a drink?

While top-tier service is a part of being a great hotel, you can't simply put lipstick on a pig -- the property itself has to do some talking. A stroll through the photos below should calm all doubts about whether a Caribbean island of 2,000 people can deliver first-class luxury lodging. First, there's that killer view we talked about. And the in-room hot tubs found in the suites, combined with the view, pretty much speak for themselves.

Impressive, right? And it looks to only get better. The building-in-progress that you see in the cover photo is going to be a full-service spa, with a hopeful completion date of this summer.

Rates start at $250, and we'd suggest spending at least two nights. One night in that hot tub was definitely not enough.

[Photos: Will McGough]

[Disclosure: Will stayed at The Queen's Garden Resort at the behest of the resort while on assignment for another publication.]

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