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A Letter from the 'Innkeepers' at Sixty Hotels

February 24, 2014 at 10:18 AM | by | ()

Now that Sixty Hotels is officially up and running, you might be wondering what this new hotel collective is all about. (Remember, the four hotels that comprise Sixty Hotels were formally known as Thompson Hotels.) Well, look no further.

Below is an exclusive letter from the "innkeepers" at Sixty Hotels--Jason Pomeranc, Lawrence Pomeranc, Michael Pomeranc and Stephen Brandman--that clarifies what Sixty Hotels are all about and what they want to be. Trust us, you'll want to read this all the way through.

It’s simple. We've always been SIXTY. Since the opening days of 60 Thompson in 2001, we've delighted in overhearing people on the street enthusing, “I'm staying at SIXTY” or “Lets meet for a cocktail at SIXTY.” SIXTY quickly became part of the downtown Manhattan vernacular, the catchword for a truly distinctive inn, experience, brand, and destination for international travelers and streetwise New Yorkers alike. It's this SIXTY experience we infuse in all of our inn destinations, and we're taking that name and making it ours through and through.

Keep reading for more from the innkeepers!

Riding our second wave of hospitality– the first as original founders of Thompson Hotels–the experiences you will have at each of our hotels now will stay with you long after you've checked out.

Our collective of hotels includes:

SIXTY SoHo (formerly 60 Thompson)

SIXTY Lower East Side (formerly Thompson LES)

SIXTY Beverly Hills (formerly Thompson Beverly Hills)

6 Columbus - a SIXTY Hotel

Now we’re hoping that the talk on the town, from New York to Los Angeles, will be buzzing about the subtle refinements we're making in how we do things. This is not simply a title change. We’re reimagining the brand. We're instilling a bit more elegance, pampering, and maturity to the SIXTY fold. I guess you could say we’ve grown up, while upping the ante for our guests.

We feel today’s savvy traveler wants an escape from the overhyped and overwrought, the room-and-bored bland. They want to feel as if they were true “artists-in-residence,” at home to make their experience their own canvas. In the coming months, SIXTY Soho will debut a head-to-toe renovation, SIXTY Beverly Hills will feature 12 new suites along with restyled rooms and rooftop surprises, and a reimagined Above Allen will hit SIXTY LES. Some things won’t change. As it was when we first bed-hopped with you, we will continue to deliver sophisticated settings, personalized service and artful experiences.

No vacancy, just inspiration, allowed.

See you at SIXTY Hotels.

- Jason Pomeranc, Lawrence Pomeranc, Michael Pomeranc and Stephen Brandman

Now, this has us interested again! We'll be following the Sixty Hotels transformations very closely but feel free to share your own Sixty experiences in comments below!

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